To feel this way!


In our house there are debates regarding the staying power or popularity of the Beatles versus One Direction between my mother and daughter.  You can guess who takes which position.  This week the young boy band announced they would take a hiatus after their tour to pursue solo careers for at least a year.  I must say that when I was a teenager there was no boy band that I followed but I have now attended three One Direction concerts three summers in a row.  I am there more to watch my daughter and her friends watch the band than to follow them myself.  I am not even sure after all of this time that I could name more than a few songs they sing.

Having said all of this, I think this picture captures a feeling that we all wish we could bottle.   Enamored and mesmerized are what comes to my mind.  What comes to yours?

Who could be on the stage that would make you feel or react the same way my daughter and her friend did?  This reaction makes the drive to and the cost of the concert all worth it for me.  What or who are you willing to drive or spend money to be closer to?

Story vs. Fairytale


When I was younger my mom drilled into my head that lady is always a woman but woman is not always a lady.  Clearly she was using this as a teaching moment to encourage me to make the right choices in life.  For some reason her saying that to me popped in my head this morning on my run as I thought about a fairytale is always a story but a story isn’t always a fairytale.  Each and everyone of us has a story some of us have volumes of stories some are happy, sad, tragic, or dramatic.  That’s what makes us who we are.  If an outsider picked up your story would they label it a fairytale?   What would it take to make it one?  In my mind a fairytale is a story that ends happily ever after.   The main character finds love in a person, place, thing or lifestyle.  I’ve never thought of Moving For Love as a fairytale service but maybe it is…. Let us help you find your happily ever after.



Are you a philanthropist?

I recently received an email with this question in the subject line.  My initial reaction is that I try to be one and support great causes with time or money.  However, when I think of identifying someone as a philanthropist I think of people whose names grace buildings and foundations don’t you?

What I’ve never given much thought to the origin of the word, philanthropist.  It is derived from two Greek words, philos (loving) and anthropos (person): loving person.

If go even deeper, I would say that in order to help others and be a loving person we must begin by loving ourselves.  Summer is a time that love is in the air and in the movies.  It is a great time for us to remember that charity starts at home and if we are going to strive to label ourselves as philanthropists which is a wonderful goal to have then we must love who and what we stand for before loving others.

If there is anything about yourself or you life that you don’t love I suggest that you sit on the porch swing this summer and see what it would take to change that.  If you think your home or location are preventing you from loving your life please let our Moving For Love “philanthropists” aka personal move assistants help you assess your next move.

What I know for Sure


How many of you read Oprah Magazine?  Each month she entitles an article “What I know for sure”.  I always enjoy reading it and knowing that she is sitting somewhere peaceful as she reflects.  In the June issue  she was on her front porch in Maui.  How great does that sound?

While some of us may only dream about a house in Maui everyone of us has lounged in the great outdoors and reflected on what it is we know or wish we knew.  Summertime is the best time for this.  Between kids swim meets, golf matches, baseball and lacrosse I try and find time to enjoy the fresh air by lounging on the porch and just soaking up the warmth and sounds of summer.  I often reflect on why I love where I live.  Our house has great outdoor space so this is the time of year that I love my house the most.  Do you have a season that you love your house the best?  If you can’t answer that with certainty then maybe this is the best time for you to think about moving.  Whether it is within your neighborhood or across the country let our personal move assistants help you.


Love it or List It?


How many of you watch the popular HGTV show, Love it or List it?  It is one of my favorites.  As you know, my family is in the real estate business so for our industry’s sake I should be rooting for the real estate agent every time but guess what?…. I usually am hopeful that they will love their newly redesigned home.  I share this with you because statistically most people move less than 10 miles from their existing home.  We are creatures of habit by nature.  Once we have our driving routes to the grocery, the schools, restaurants, work and friends we generally want to stay close.  If our house isn’t reflecting our style or accommodating our lives sometimes it can be an easy remodel.

It is when the remodel isn’t sufficient enough to keep us in our comfort zone that we hear the line “we are going to list it”.

Do you love where you live?  If the answer is “yes” good for you.  If the answer is “no” what would it take to get you to love where you live or motivate to move to a place you love?  Spring is the time of year that we often think about where we are and what we are doing.  Take inventory of your life and if your decision is to “list it” and move on to another chapter why not let Moving For Love help you get started?

A Song that Says it All


Last week I traveled to Florida with my family for Spring Break.  We began our trip on the west coast and then drove across Alligator Alley to the east coast to visit family.  As we drove through the everglades my kids would tell you that we tortured them listening to XM radio, 60’s on 6.  In full disclosure, that even predates my husband and me.  Regardless,  we knew all of the songs and sang along commenting on the simplicity of the lyrics.   You could imagine yourself on the same drive 50 years ago listening the same songs on the radio.

This morning I think I found the modern version of 60’s on 6.  I sometimes listen to Pandora radio when I run just for the fun and anticipation of what song might be next, call it my jukebox, to keep me going.  In an effort to get jump started I tuned in to Olly Murs radio.  I felt like a teenager as I experienced love, breakup, infatuation, and every other emotion associated with romance.  The lyrics were simple, the beat had a quick tempo and as the sun was shining I could just sense love in the Spring air.

If you are looking for that tune that makes you smile, turn up the dial, or reach for your loved one and are struggling to find it let Moving For Love  help you adjust your station or location.

When TBT starts a new err… old relationship

Some of you may recall an article I wrote a few years ago, How far would you go to find a past love?  In the 80’s I loved watching the show Finders of Lost Loves.  Clearly this show predated Facebook.  Recently, I heard a story that I want to share because I loved it so much!

We’ve all seen and perhaps posted “Throw Back Thursday” pictures on Facebook.  It is always fun and funny to see what memories are stirred by a simple photo.  This happened to a friend of mine.  I should also build up with a little more of the story…. she is a divorced, empty nester friend… now that the stage is set…

A male friend of hers posted a grade school photo that included a big group of kids.  She comments, “what ever happened to (let’s just call him) Johnny”?  Before her friend could respond “Johnny” who must have been tagged in the picture jumps in and gives his own update.  Voila, 30+ years disappear and months later they are acting like grade school sweethearts.  If only the television show still existed.  This would truly be a great episode of a TBT photo reuniting two people who’s lives went different directions and the experiences they had while not together have enriched the love story they are living today.

If you’ve posted a TBT picture and it opened up or renewed a relationship from your past please share it with me.  If you’ve considered posted one or wondered how to inconspicuously reconnect with someone try posted an old group photo and see what happens.  You never know, you may be Moving For Love before you know it!

Reach out and Touch Someone

Last week was a busy one by some accounts…. The much talked about Fifty Shades of Grey was released, many schools had a long weekend to honor our Presidents and Saturday was Valentine’s Day.  Believe it or not, I am not going to tie the three together.  I’ll leave that to you.  I would however like to share how the priest at my parish took current events in stride to make for a very interesting homily on Sunday.  Stick with me, I think you’ll be impressed regardless of your faith.

After making a few comments about the movie and sharing the Church’s view of it’s use of pain for pleasure he veered from the religious to the secular world rather quickly.  He jokingly asked “how many of you remember what long distance is?” and quickly followed up with asking, “how many of you remember the AT&T commercials telling you to reach out and touch someone?”  Of course the majority of the congregation was very familiar with both questions.   He spoke about the goodwill of the message to reach out and touch and in this case call a friend, a family member or a co-worker.  The power of that call will “touch” them and touching can make you feel really good and in this case it will also sell a lot of long distance for AT&T.   I hadn’t really given that campaign much thought in recent years but I really liked the fact that he used it as a great example of the power of touch.  It left me wondering who I should reach out to that I haven’t spoken to in some time and also who I’ve love to hear from myself.

How in the world does this tie in to Moving for Love?  It’s simple, by staying connected to friends and family you never know when the pull of their voice or their touch will have you wanting to move closer to them.  When you get that feeling…. reach out and touch us!

Which is smarter you or your phone?


Don’t worry…. I am not really asking you to answer since I don’t want the question asked of me!

As you know, I have written a bunch about dating online and it’s outcomes.   This morning, the Wall Street Journal published an article, “Love in the Time of Smartphones”  What seemed taboo or for “other” people just twenty years ago today is so accepted and common place that apps pop up every day to help people connect and find companionship.  The success stories and analytics that exist are incredible.

I think the reason why I love reading all about these tools has to do with the my love of  travel and real estate.  When you feel like you’ve looked everywhere  you can for Mr. or Mrs. Right in your city/town the rest of the world is still an option. Where have you always wanted to live or travel?  Why not drop a pin there and see if your perfect match exists there?  Better yet, after reading about some of these apps why not focus on what you love to do without any concern of where you have do it.  Who knows that approach may result in finding someone who lives around the corner but shares your passion to ski, bike, golf or fill in the blank.

If the latest downloaded app leads you to love don’t end there pick up the phone dial Moving For Love.  We are waiting to hear your story and help it end happily ever after!




Do you ever overhear a conversation about something with which you are involved and think….”man, they really get it!”  Well, this morning I cannot exactly say I “overheard” anything since it was being broadcast on the radio but what was said was music to my ears, no pun intended.  Anyone who has read my blog for the past two years knows I believe strongly in matchmaking when it comes to the home buying process to connect the right property with the right owner but equally important is connecting the right Realtor with right client.

Every morning I tune in to America’s Morning Show on my drive to work.  This morning the discussion revolved around Chuck surfing the internet for a house with a backyard for his dog.  He isn’t currently working with a realtor (a fact I hope to help with very shortly) and Blair went on to give all the right reasons he needs to have the right agent working for him and with him to not only find but negotiate the best deal.  It was like a paid advertisement for our industry but even better than that it was unpaid and very well said.

I want to thank him for the shout out and of course offer Moving For Love Personal Move Assistants to help Chuck and his dog find the perfect backyard and settle in to their new home.  As you know, our goal is make any address become Home.

If you, like Chuck are seeking to move for any reason give us a call, send a text, or email us.  We cannot wait to play matchmaker for you!