Why do we love summer camps more than ever?

“Hello mother…. hello father…greetings from camp fill in the blank… there is no greater anticipation than a letter from a child at camp.  In this world of over programmed, plug-in lives we Summer Camp all lead, summer camp is a throw back to digitless era that we all want our children to experience.  Many an article has been written on it including this one last year that I particularly enjoyed.  Our 13 year old daughter went to camp this summer for two weeks in June.  She absolutely loved it and I loved that she was unplugged from everything including us!  While the camp posted pictures online so you could at least see your children, the only method of communication was written and I became the child racing to the mailbox hoping to get a letter.

What made camp so great was that she got to experience and enjoy having fun outdoors, making new friends face to face, whispering past lights out in the cabin and trying new things.  Camp may be a great American past-time with a thriving future even for adults.    Not only does camp bring back memories of childhood it signifies a break from the pace and demands of our always connected lives.  I think it will be fun to watch how camps thrive in the future.  They epitomize the fact that the more things change and progress the greater sense of nostalgia we have for the way things were even though we race to keep up technologically and make sure we have the latest and greatest.  I guess it is the ying-yang of modern day living.

What are your thoughts?  Did you go to camp as a child?  Would you like to go to camp as an adult if given the opportunity?

Maybe you want to unplug for longer than summer camp.  Perhaps it is a lifestyle you’d like to live permanently.  If so, let us help you move for love and pursue your dreams.


Summer Speedometer


Are you sipping lemonade sitting on the front porch while time slowly passes by during the dog days of summer?!  I am going to guess that is the not the case… if it is I am jealous.  More often than not, most of us are going 100 MPH at work or at home in the hopes of getting one week of vacation this summer when we can go 20 MPH.  If this were our diet strategy we would never loose weight.  As a matter of fact, we would call this yo-yo dieting but somehow it seems to be the trend in our work-life-fit equation.  I also think it is funny that we can enjoy both speeds equally.  I mean, I thrive on Monday morning focus and mapping out what all I need to accomplish yet I think there is nothing more decadent than traveling and waking up with nothing planned for the entire day.  What about you?  Are you headed to the beach, the mountains, the lake or your backyard for a summer vacation?  How do you pass the time?  Are you a puzzle doer, a sun worshiper, a hiker, swimmer, biker, reader… the list could go on and on couldn’t it?  I hope that whatever you choose as your form of relaxation you enjoy it.  For most of us, summer is short if you live anywhere that experiences all four seasons so make the most of it at any speed.

Are you a candidate for unretirement? …

PhotographerI read a great article in the June 20th edition of The Week magazine entitled, “Retirement: Redefining your golden years”.  With so many people living longer and remaining healthy it is no wonder that they are not looking to slow down or entirely check out so soon.  Not everyone wants to go from the hustle and bustle of family and career to a standstill.  If retirement is about lifestyle, then it is arguably about your pace of life as well.  Just because you are ready to hang up the stress and pace of  the career you’ve worked so hard to build doesn’t mean you wouldn’t love to have job that acts more as a hobby.

When we started building Moving For Love our initial thought was to help people who met online where distance is nothing but as their relationships developed they realized the challenges associated with their distance.  There is clearly and demand and market for that audience.  There is also an audience of those seeking “unretirment”.  Perhaps the part-time job teaching yoga, painting, acting as starter at a golf course, or working as a guide on the mountain slope… you fill in the bank.  If stereotypes hold true, it is has been a long time since these people have moved let alone ever considered a relocation.  The fun part about starting a company is when your idea appeals to more audiences than you ever intended.  If you are dating online, nearing retirement age or seeking a slower paced next career, or just ready for a change of scenery then let our personal move coordinator help you.

What is your travel line?

USA_MapLast week I had dinner with a friend who was talking about her dad’s philosophy that everything he needs or wants is within an hour east or west of I-75.  I’ve been thinking about his proclamation and you know what…. Good for him.  We talk about having roots, sometimes they are deep sometimes we pull them up and replant in new locations but I’ve never thought about an atlas approach to the roots we plant.  This man enjoys summers in Michigan, winters in Florida and time between in Cincinnati.  If you look at the map, indeed he is always right along I-75 and actually could make a ton of stops hitting many of our countries most visited sites and still stay within an hour east or west of the highway.

What is your roadmap?  Do you have one?  Some of us pride ourselves on dropping travel pins all over the globe and I venture to guess some of you take pride in having permanent addresses all over the map as well.  The options are endless but we should all probably have our route mapped out either short term or long term.  If you haven’t stopped to look at where you’ve been and where you are headed this is a great time to sit down and analyze it.  We might be surprised to know that we don’t need to venture much further than my friends dad to be completely satisfied in our lives.

If you evaluate your personal atlas and would like help making that next move or perhaps you are fortunate enough to pick a second address to call home our personal move assistants would love to help you.


Life is a jukebox…….

JukeboxFor whatever reason, I think it is fun to think of songs that apply to whatever current situation we are facing or tackling.  I recently worked on a branding exercise for a company we are involved with and I cannot tell you how many songs floated through my head at different times.  Do you ever do the same thing?  When it comes to the topic of moving or different cities the playlist is endless, “I left my heart in San Francisco”, “L.A. woman”, “City of New Orleans”, “Please come to Boston”…..  You get the idea but are you tuned in?  Is the soundtrack of your life what you want it to be?  Summer is fun, care-free time of the year for us to think about what makes us happy and where we are happiest.  If you are longing to be with someone or somewhere else let our personal move assistants help you get there!

Out of the Mouth of Babes…

Anyone reading this who is a working parent should get a chuckle out of my morning.  I should first preface that today is the first official day of summer vacation in our house and both kids had friends spend the night last night.  So…. I get up at the crack of dawn, go for a run with the dog, drive to my office at 6:30 am to get bags for the church festival who called last night asking for them, drive by the donut shoppe (did you know that today is actually National Donut Day?) all so I could be home before the first child awakes… Ahh the joys of a working parent!  Mission accomplished, I enter the kitchen where I find my son and his friend already up by 7:00 Lacrosse sticks in hand headed outside as soon as they make the big decision on which donut to try.  Just as Peter is walking outside he says, “it seems weird that you have to go to work when it is summertime”.

To be 10 again…

Outta Here!


Baseball is a great metaphor to life.  While it is a team sport it relies heavily on individual performance.  You only get some many times “at bat” so you need to make them count.  Think of all the analogies you can make in your personal and professional life about striking out, home runs, out of the park or sometimes just a single or even a RBI.  This is a great time of year to reflect on how well positioned you are for your at bat opportunity.  Is the field wide open for you or are you aiming for that small window in the outfield?  Enough with the baseball you say…. let me rephrase then, are you satisfied with your recent successes or performances or are you laser focused on one goal?    If you are focused on one goal then what can the team do to help you achieve success on whatever “field” you are playing?    Our Personal Move Assistants are here to make any relocation whether for work or personal reasons as seamless and “error” free as possible.  Let us join your roster and help.



Memorial Day Traditions

flag On Monday we celebrate Memorial Day and honor the veterans who have protected the freedoms of all Americans.  I will be taking our kids to Armstrong Chapel for their 136th celebration of those residents of our community who fought in any war dating back as far as the War of 1812.  It is a great ceremony and wonderful way for my children to understand or at least hear the stories and see the families who live right around us whose lives were changed forever to protect us.  I always leave there wanting to belt out Lee Greenwood’s, Proud to Be An American  and more importantly I hope that I’m instilling that feeling in my 10 and 13 year old as well. Take this weekend to honor those who have served and reflect on your own personal passions and pride.   If you aren’t feeling strongly about where they lie and relocating could help we can pave the way for you to live where you have the greatest sense of personal pride and fulfillment.

Don’t be


According to Webster, the definition of adverb “too” is, in addition: more than what is wanted, needed, acceptable, possible, etc.: to a high degree or extent : very or extremely.

So here is my question, “how often do you use the word too?”  If I honestly reflect on this month to date I have used or thought to use the word more than I would like to admit.  You can fill in the blanks on what too is describing but I assure it isn’t “bored.”  So just in case you’ve used it to perhaps say you are too busy to read the paper I would like to share an apropos article from the Wall Street Journal this morning,  “Are You Too Busy?”    It is a fabulous article and I am glad I took the time to read it.  Being a positive person, I found validation of one of my mantras which is put it on the calendar.  I keep separate Outlook calendars for myself as well as my kids and their activities so with the push of a button I can see the whole picture of my world and it’s daily activities.  This takes times and sometimes seems overboard but I have found it to be a huge management and balancing tool for me.   I know that I’ve written about calendars before but I feel strongly that when are scales are tipping toward too much on the meter a calendar is a great dose of reality and perspective on whether or not we should say yes on impulse or stop and look at what our schedule is before committing.  That was my takeaway and I would be curious to know what yours was so please share.

At Moving For Love, we  know that you can be too busy, too nervous, too unsure, too overwhelmed to think about relocating for the love of a person, place or thing.   Here is the good news, we aren’t too busy to help, we aren’t too busy to research, plan, schedule and coordinate.  You just need to add us to your calendar and take the time for that first call.


Never Too Old to Start Something New


Last week I attended the Real Trends, Gathering of Eagles Conference in Dallas, Texas.  This conference caters to the real estate industry and this years theme was Legendary Leadership.  The keynote speaker for the opening night was President George W. Bush.  It was incredible to hear him speak.  The setting was casual and Steve Murray did an excellent job interviewing him in a very conversational way.  Mr. Bush share with us that one of the most difficult transitions from life as the President to life after was the pace.  We can imagine how hectic, programmed and scripted life in the White House must be and after eight years to wake up without “today’s agenda” was a challenge for him.  Certainly, many people who retire have shared this feeling but the difference in before/after pace is incomparable.  So what did he do to fill his time?  He started painting.  Having an interest but no past experience he tackled it head on and never looked back.  He paints all of the time and has painted almost every notable world leader he met during his presidency.  Listening to him talk about this new found passion and outlet of expression was inspiring.

The next night we actually visited his library and saw many of his paintings.  It was incredible.  The history, the building, the memorabilia were unbelievable.  A few hours is not enough time to read and see it all.  After listening to him speak about painting I hadn’t really expected to be as impressed as I was.  This man didn’t pick up a paintbrush until just a few years ago and yet here were paintings of so many world leaders, so well done and so reflective of his view of them.  If you were not aware who any of them were you certainly got a sense of the impression they made on President Bush through their portraits.   I was most impressed by his talent.  Not many people pick up new hobbies in their sixties and then display them for the world to see and critique.  If you are in Dallas I would highly recommend a visit to his library and certainly his gallery of artwork.

Having said that, is there a small flame of interest to try something new when you have the time?  It is never to early to fan those flames and see where they may lead you.  Sometimes we need to wait for the door to open or the pace to slow down and sometimes we need to barge right through the door.  Whatever or style or desire you don’t need to it alone.  George W. Bush relied on a teacher to help get started and you can rely on us, your personal move coordinators to help get you Moving For Love of something new.