Plan B

compassThis morning the Wall Street Journal featured a story, “When Your Dream Job Disappoints, How to Find Plan B“.  I highly encourage you to read it.   While it tackles major job and financial decisions, I think it also reminds us that Plan B may be more common than we think.  I am the worst at getting an image in my head of how the meeting will go, what the dinner will be like,  how the project will be completed, you can fill in one hundred scenario’s and I can paint the fabled outcome in my mind.  What happens when the finished product or the rear view mirror reflect something different?  In my case sometimes disappointment and sometimes the finished product goes from being a conjured plan A to a very picturesque plan B.  We (me) often underestimate the positive outcomes from Plan B when we get stuck on the original image.   At Moving For Love, our goal is help you paint that picture by providing the “numbers” as you go along.  Your journey may begin by meeting someone special or finding a dream job and immediately you set your sights on their location but what if during a discovery process you find out that your dream partner has always wanted to move West for example or what if your dream job wants you to interview in a big city but is more than happy for you to work remotely?  These what if’s could have major implications that may take you down a path that leads to more of an ideal situation than you ever imagined.  It all starts by verbalizing those thoughts and dreams to yourself and to those like us who can help you.  The more you talk about your situation often times the more clear and focused your direction can become.  As my fourth grader recently explained magnetism and the calibration of a compass I urge you to validate and reaffirm the direction of your life compass.





Anniversaries mark the milestones in our lives. Which of them do you celebrate? Today happens to be a friend and co-workers 20th wedding anniversary which is why I’ve got milestones on my mind.

Hallmark certainly helps us acknowledge the most common anniversary’s but are there others that we should stop and recognize? How many years have you lived in your home? How many years have you been an avid golfer or tennis player? How long ago did you kick a bad habit or make a lifestyle change? How long ago did you decide I don’t know… Snow in April wasn’t part of your long term plan and headed South?

All of these are milestones that impact our lives and are cause for reflection. What did we do right? What could we have or should we work on improving? Life as we all know is a treadmill. It keeps on moving which makes it easy to continue going with the flow but every now and then it’s good to hit pause and take inventory of what is working well and what needs our attention. It’s the moving parts that make the whole.

I hope that as you celebrate your next milestone you have a sense of pride and accomplishment.

At Moving for Love our goal is celebrate the anniversary you made the choice to be closer to someone, someplace or pursue a lifestyle. Let’s us help you make that move and track the milestones.

Living and Living Well


Country Music CityThis past weekend,  the 49th Academy of Country Music Awards took place.   My daughter and I watched since I love country music and now there is so much cross over between country and top 40 hits that she too enjoys some of it.  George Strait was awarded Entertainer of the Year.  I really like his music and one song in particular is very well aligned with Moving For Love, “Living and Living Well“.  If you haven’t heard it then I highly recommend you listen to the song.  The message is simple like most country songs but the refrain goes like this, “There’s a difference in living and living well, you can’t have it all, all by yourself, something’s always missing, ’til you share it with someone else, there’s a difference in living and living well.”

When we expanded our services beyond corporate relocation we did it to help serve the market of individuals seeking help in moving to closer to a person, place or lifestyle they desired.  It has been very rewarding to help the bridge the gap in the words of George Strait from living to living well.

If you are ready to make that leap call us and let us help it become a reality.

From Fear To Fabulous!

Fear to Fabulous2Recently I had to give a companywide presentation and even though I knew the majority of those who attended, there was a mix of emotions.  Excitement about what I had to say, but there was still a knot in my stomach at the thought of standing up and speaking in front of a group of people.   I kept thinking there was so much that could go wrong.  What if there are technical issues, what if they don’t like the guest speaker I lined up, what if there isn’t enough food,  The “What If’s” were endless.  As much as I wanted to ignore the fact that I had to do this, it was time to face reality.  The time was here and I had a job to do.   As I walked up in front of the audience and started my presentation, I realized what was once extreme fear had turned into butterflies and those rapidly started to disappear.

The presentation ended and  that’s when I realized how well it went.  The compliments started coming and I began to understand that my confidence had come from being prepared.  I did my research, knew the material and enlisted the help of those who are “tops” in their field to give me a hand. With all this expertise, it allowed me to feel self-assured in the message I was delivering.

Making a move is very much the same. You are thrilled and excited about the change you are making, but at the same time afraid of what you are doing.  There is so much involved with making a long distance move, you start to wonder if it will be too much stress and too much work.  This is when you enlist those who are “tops” in their field to handle the details and that is when you call us. Moving For Love specializes in personal relocation and we are here to handle all the details.  We will do the research, get you prepared and moved with confidence.




Spring Fever

carnationsFor most of the US, we have experienced a brutally cold and miserable winter.  Just knowing that Spring has officially begun on the calendar is enough for us to endure the actual temperatures for a few more weeks.  I have always felt that living in the Midwest one of the greatest joys was the change of seasons.  Just as you tire of one there is another right behind it.  Each have their qualities and bring pleasure in different ways.   I wonder if people who live in warmer climates year round ever miss a change of season or recognize the change in other ways.  March 20th was the official first day of Spring and in Santa Monica where the weather is pretty (literally) consistent there was one woman who stood by the pier and passed out flowers to mark the first day of Spring.  This was the third year in a row she has passed out carnations to recognize the One Million Acts of Kindness campaign.  In a part of the country where the weather doesn’t give away the time of year the date does, she made a very visual impression on 300 people by demonstrating the act of kindness herself distributing flowers.  What a symbolic way to acknowledge the season and motivate us all.  How can you recognize the change of seasons in your life?

Raising the Bar



Do any of you ski? I just returned from four days of skiing in Utah with our 10 year old son. It was our second year doing this trip and it was fabulous.

For those of you who ski I am sure you will agree that the chair lift can be an interesting ride depending on who you meet.  For starters, you all have to decide if and when to put down the safety bar and later when to raise it. Once the conversation is started I like to survey where they are from and a little bit about their trip or day. I thought my story was, cool mom bringing her son on an adventurous trip until Sunday. As Peter and I loaded on the Quincy Express we met a man who was there on his annual family trip with his 82 year old father-in-law who still skis and loves it. His goal 20 years ago was to keep skiing until he was old enough to get a lift ticket for free which back then was 70 years old. The problem is they keep raising the age and he keeps skiing. (For the record…. According to the Salt Lake Tribune the average age of a Utah skier is, 44.1)

Anyone who has skied realizes that getting a free lift ticket in this case has been an expensive pursuit!  I loved his story nonetheless. We all need a carrot in our life and certainly when it moves during our pursuit that can intensify our chase. Is he crazy to keep skiing at his age?  Clearly, he doesn’t think so.

Think you are too old to pursue a dream or fulfill a desire? I say raise your own bar and go for it.

Write it, Stamp it, Mail it!

photo3This week I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of University of Cincinnati Business School students.  I was invited to share my business experience, leadership lessons, college advice, and community service.  I hope I kept them somewhat interested and engaged as I shared my story, thoughts and advice.  Questions are always the tell tale sign whether people are listening or not.  I have always felt strongly about the power of the pen and handwritten note both in my personal and professional life.  I think it is a habit inherited from my mom.  Anyway, I was telling these students how much I appreciate receiving a note from those I’ve interviewed or met with for whatever reason.  The group immediately had questions about the impact of their penmanship, what if the interview didn’t go that well, basically when to write and when to pass.  I responded with a question of my own whose answer I was really curious about…”Do you all still have mailboxes even at college?”  I honestly wasn’t sure.  They confirmed that they do.  So I then asked them when they opened their mailbox which would they open first a handwritten note or a generic piece of mail?  They all said the handwritten note.  Exactly my hoped for response.  While nice penmanship is certainly a plus I would take scribble a few days later every time over an immediate email message.  It takes time to get out stationary, to write a note, to address it, stamp it and mail it.   It takes very little effort to send an email.  I have to tell you that I was thrilled to hear a group of 19-21 year old men and women all agree.  I think that takeaway alone will be advice that sets them apart from many of their peers as they embark on career searches.   Some of them will stay here locally but many of them will indeed move for the love of a fresh start, new city, or new job.

Just out of curiosity, when was the last time you wrote or received a handwritten note and what impression did it make on you?  If it has been awhile, think about who you could reach out today.  I bet the impact it makes will be well worth the cost of the stamp!


Spring Ahead


This weekend we will prepare for Daylight Savings time by “Springing Ahead” one hour on our clocks.  Some people begrudge losing an hour of sleep or sinking back into darkness in the early morning and evening for a few more weeks.  I however fall into the camp that is relishing if nothing else… the mere idea of Spring.  Most winters I embrace the cold and the snow and the change of season.  It means fires, cozy nights in, pretty visions of white fields.  This winter seems to have lasted an eternity and the change of season will most certainly be welcome.  The simple effort of jumping ahead one hour symbolizes the waking up of our senses, getting up… no jumping… no springing up and that awakens our senses and warms us up for what is coming next.  While the seasons are changing do they awaken any of our senses for a change?  Nature can have a funny way of doing that.  If you realize that you are about to lose an hour this weekend is there anything else you are losing out on right now?  If you are getting ready to spring ahead where do you want to land?  If it is right where you left off then good for you.  If it is perhaps miles or even oceans away then let us join you and help make that landing a soft one.  Our senses awaken with each new clients story and fulfilled wish.

Vegas Baby!


Last week I wrote about the Olympics and the hard work and determination that goes into making it there.  As a parent, it is the greatest joy to demonstrate to your kids what is possible.  Why they should dream the impossible and go for the gold.  Did I just say “gold”?!  Okay,  fast forward to this week where I find myself at a conference in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.  Much like Sochi, it seems every country is represented here from the Eiffel Tower to the pyramids, Caesar’s Palace and canals of  Venice.  If the hotels and casino’s don’t cover the globe the combined nationalities of the visitors certainly does.

Much like a quickly forgotten New Year’s resolution perhaps your aspirations of an Olympic medal have now just boiled down to chasing the gold.  If that is the case you should be here with me.   A week ago witnessing personal perseverance, dedication and discipline to a full on barrage of entertainment, gambling and rolling it all on lady luck.   I would guess that my personality like most of yours reading this article falls somewhere in between the mindset  necessary to make it to the Olympics and the mindset willing to throw it all on the line.

The silver lining is that in anything we do and work for, the numbers can align by skill or luck and create the same outcome.



Going For The Gold


How many of you are following the Olympics?  Even though we know the results well before they air isn’t it fun to actually watch the event?  My fourth grade son’s school is keeping track of the countries and the medals they have earned.  I love the sense of national pride it evokes.  Watching your child root for his country and chant U-S-A renews my own sense of American pride.    The other great lesson comes from the personal stories of the athletes.  No two people got to the Olympics the same way.  Each one struggled, sacrificed and ultimately prevailed.  If that doesn’t inspire our kids to work hard for whatever “gold” medal they are after I don’t know what does.   Their stories also motivate each of us spectators to do a little self reflection and prioritizing of our goals and our level of commitment to achieve them.

So I ask you…. what are your goals or dreams?  Can our Personal Move Assistants help you achieve them?  Are you simply missing that little push to get your started on the path of pursuit?  If so, let us connect like the rings of the Olympics and make them happen.  Ultimately, if in your mind you are center podium with your flag flying behind you then you’ve earned the Gold!