27 Dresses

It isn’t always easy to find a movie that is appropriate for me to watch with my 11 year old daughter but this past weekend we watched, 27 Dresses. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. It’s not often that a movie can drive home the message of our service, Moving For Love. There are many storylines you’d suspect… boy meets girl, sibling rivalry, moving up the corporate ladder, and as far as I am concerned the best part of any movie is happily ever after. While the ending was predictable how they got there was not. Certainly in life we all face disappointment, rejection, fear, family issues, a sense of wanting to please others even if it means displeasing ourselves.

In this story, when Jane the main character puts herself first she feels immediately terrible then realizes what she did was for the right reason even it wasn’t done the right way. She actually liberates herself and those around her and as a result the movie is able to end happily ever after with a perfect beach wedding.

Are you stuck somewhere you don’t want to be or maybe stuck doing something you don’t want to do? You are the only person who can control your destiny. Making a change can be uncomfortable, it may disrupt your life momentarily but just like the movies when you rewind or look back it usually is the best decision. Sometimes our inner voice knows our personal direction better than we do. Listen to yours. If it is a whispher listen more closely, if it is shout stop and take action. Perhaps your 28th dress, the proverbial next step is closer than you think.

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