4 Signs it’s Time to Quit your Day Job and Follow Your Passion

Moving_TipsIn today’s economy, a good job can be hard to find. Making money is not always a great part of life, though it is obviously important. The daily grind can leave you worn out, uninspired, and depressed. How do you know when you should shake things up and make a change? Check out these tips.

1. Missing Work

When work isn’t a passion, it can be difficult to keep going in every day. You might start missing time and calling in sick. This can seriously hamper your career and give you a bad reputation, so if tardiness and absenteeism are starting to become a habit, relocating may be just the thing to get back on track.

2. Feeling Burned Out

Doing the same unsatisfying job day after day will eventually decrease your productivity and make work a chore. Are you being recognized? Is too much work heaped on your plate? While most companies today live by the motto “do more with less,” this can become extreme and make you wish you were anywhere else.

3. Good Plan

Food and shelter requirements will always be critical factors, so before relocating to follow your passion look at your finances to see how long you can support yourself during a transition. Check out cities you’re interested in, and investigate their job markets. Before moving, make a solid plan for supporting and housing yourself for at least six months. Moving without a plan can lead to failure and frustration.

4. Desire for More

If you want to do more with life than punch a time clock, now may be the right time to jump in with both feet. Look at other industries you may be qualified for, or courses you can take to change careers. Check out volunteer opportunities, or figure out what is meaningful to you. It may be scary to change, but success is a huge reward.

For many people, a job is a means to survival and comfort. For others, it’s a passion that you can’t live without and love doing. Live passionately and follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!

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