5 Reasons Why You Should Travel More

Relocation_AssistanceMaybe we’re a little biased, but it seems to us people don’t travel enough. Really!

It’s well-known that Americans take fewer vacations and spend less on them than most people in the world. Also, while we’re relocation specialists compared to most countries, more than half of those moves are within 25 miles.

Why aren’t more people broadening their horizons?

Traveling – whether it’s a weekend getaway or relocating to a new city – can be one of the great universal revitalizing forces. People from Tokyo, to Tallahassee, to Timbuktu too, all look to other parts of the globe and think, they want to go to there. That’s where new things happen.

So why should you make room for more travel in your life? Here’s five ideas that might reignite your wanderlust!

Five Reasons It’s Time To Travel

1 – Get out of that rut:

When’s the last time you saw anything but the same home, the same four prefab walls at work, and the same friends? Variety isn’t the spice of life, it’s a vital nutrient. A person without new experiences can start to wither just like a plant denied sunlight. Even if you can’t totally escape that job (yet) even a weekend away from it can do you a world of good.

And if it is time to start a new life somewhere else, don’t forget there are relocation specialists who can make the move easy! The hard part is realizing when now is the time.

2 – Begin (or rekindle) a romance:

More and more people are finding new love online, and following their dreams to new cities together. Many others are discovering how effective a few days together in an exciting new place can be for invigorating your relationship!

3 – See nature before it vanishes:

Hey, we’re not trying to alarm you, but they keep selling off chunks of state and national parks, the glaciers are melting, and someone’s going to start drilling in ANWR one of these days. While we’re struggling to find a new equilibrium between nature and technology, too much nature is getting lost in the meantime.

Get out there and see it! There’s a world of opportunity beyond watching Planet Earth on Discovery.

4 – Seek out new opportunities:

If you feel like you’ve exhausted the job market in your area, or you just can’t stand going into the same office for another decade, moving to another city or region can be just the thing to open up your job horizons. If managing the details seems like too much of a hassle, relocation specialists can simplify the process, including finding short-term housing if needed.

Maybe it’s time to update your online profiles and expand your search radius a bit…

5 – Escape the electronic babble:

When’s the last time you looked at your phone, saw no cell coverage, and smiled?

It’s so easy to lose track of ourselves as we struggle to remember which voicemails, emails, IMs, Tweets, Pokes, Updates, Skypes, and whatever other virtual nags are tugging at our sleeves. There’s an expectation we be on demand 24/7, but sometimes a person should step outside that for a couple days.

If you get far enough off the beaten path, you can find places where -possibly for the first time in years- you will know that no body can interrupt you.

Whatever the reason for getting up and going, relocation specialists know that travel can be just the spark you need to jumpstart your life. New ideas and new experiences fuel us, and open up the paths to future happiness!

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