5 Things to Discuss Before Moving in Together

Moving_TipsTake it from someone who’s been there: Meeting someone online and making that romantic connection is a wonderful feeling… but eventually, practical reality is going to kick in and you’re going to find yourself facing questions that may not have straightforward answers.

So, to go along with other relocating tips you might have picked up, we’ve put together our suggestions for the top things you should discuss with your new special someone before you move in.

Relocating Tips: The Five Questions You Should Ask

  1. Whose money goes where? Look, no one LIKES talking about financial stuff, especially since it can turn into a deal-breaker in new relationships. However, the time to find this out is before a move. Are you going to pool your funds? Stay separate? Who’s paying for all this? Does one of you have outstanding obligations, like (p)alimony, that could become an issue? These need to be put on the table ahead of time.
  2. What’s your taste in home décor? He’s deco, she’s nouveau. Oh no! After all, your choice of home is going to be partially determined by your tastes. But, hopefully you can have fun answering this question instead! Go eclectic, and look into the shopping options in your new home town. Now, if he’s dead-set on rustic, it might be time to explore compromises.
  3. Who’s moving? This is the really tricky one for long-distance relationships. For it to work, someone is going to have to move, and that potentially means sacrificing, or at least sidelining, a career. Our advice is to follow the money on this one. Unless someone’s heart is truly set, move where the best career is. Or, of course, you could both move! That’s what we did. If neither of you is particularly happy with your job status, here’s your chance to truly start over!
  4. When are we doing it? This one’s on most lists of relocating tips, but it’s worth mentioning here because timing can be interesting when you’re dealing with a long-distance relationship. Very often, there’s no deadline, aside from how long you can bear to be apart. Think about how seasons will affect the move, and whether it’s better to wait or move sooner.
  5. How will the move be done? The move itself, of course, can be tremendously stressful. You might be able to leave some furniture behind, but it’s still a huge pain. Of course, you could also hire relocation assistance to help with your move! Specialists can take care of everything from helping you find the right place to live, to unpacking the van at the other end.

Moving for love is an amazing adventure, and probably one of the greatest things you’ll ever do. Just remember that the more you talk things out with your new love in advance, the more smoothly everything will go when the move finally comes.

Your new life can get off to a perfect start with a little preparation, and maybe a little help!

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