5 Tips to Keeping a Long Distance Relationship Strong

Love, true love…No matter how you find it, you will do your best to keep it when it’s with the right person. Social media has caused the world to shrink geographically and now brings people together from the farthest stretches of the globe. Age, distance, and culture are less important than shared values, interests, and emotions. You may find yourself suddenly involved in long distance dating, and that can be a huge challenge. How can you maintain a great relationship from hours or continents away?

1. Schedule Each Other

As unromantic as it sounds to make a calendar appointment with your amour, this is crucial for an LDR to not become DOA. Make and keep standing appointments with your honey to include them as an important and regular part of your life. Whether it is a daily phone call, Facetime, Skype or other type of communication, plan it, keep it, look forward to it, and enjoy it!

2. Surprise One Another


When you don’t get to see each other physically, it is tough to have a spark that grows. Write and mail (yes, on real paper with a stamp) letters or cards. Include self portraits of your best kissy face or send a postcard of a place you would love to go together. Work out a deal with a vendor in your sweetie’s town to have a flower or special item delivered occasionally. Always let your love know you are thinking of them through small tokens of affection or shared memories and plans.

3. Meet in the Middle

It can be expensive and exhausting to travel for long distance dating, and if one person is making all the effort this can cause your spark to fizzle out or self-destruct. Meet somewhere in the middle or take turns traveling to one another’s cities. Meeting in the middle has an added advantage of a neutral setting where nobody’s responsibilities get in the way, plus a big bed in a decent hotel room lets you be alone with each other and free to really take your time reconnecting.

4. Make a Plan

Before anyone moves to a different city (whether towards or away from your partner) you need to have a discussion about your expectations from long distance dating. Is there an exit strategy that ends with the two of you being together? What are the rules to the arrangement? Will you be exclusive or have an open relationship?  Be honest about what you want from each other, and communicate if things change.

5. Sexy Time

There are a ton of ways to talk to each other when long distance dating. IM, Skype, text, telephone, or email can keep you in contact but be sure to also plan for some privacy and tawdry tangling during your conversations. Keeping it fun and flirty gives you something to look forward to until you see your sweetie again.

Long distance dating is challenging, but can work if you want it to work. Until you can be near each other again, showing one another that they are always in your thoughts and a regular part of your life helps you stay bonded and loyal. Join the Move when you are ready to take your next step towards happiness.

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