7 Reasons Retirees Love Arizona

relocating_specialistWhat’s not to love about Arizona? The state pulls in tourists year-round, and to count the number of moving trucks driving down the street would be overwhelming! Retirees are especially attracted to Arizona, for good reasons:

1. Golf
Crazy pants, sunshine, and time with friends are some of the best things about partaking in golf. Arizona is a wonderland of golf courses, designed by masters of the craft. If you are golfer, relocation specialists can help you find the perfect house close to beautiful fairways.

2. Cost of Living
Fresh fruit and produce is on every corner, gasoline is fairly inexpensive, and you rarely have to turn on the furnace. These factors mean that it is very inexpensive to live in the beautiful state of Arizona.

3. Transportation
The fantastic bus, light rail, taxi and trolley systems in the major cities of the Arizona valley make getting from point A to B very easy. A well-maintained highway system easily accommodates millions of drivers every day, with far less of the traffic jams you might be used to in other metropolitan areas.

4. Culture
If you love theater, music, and fine cuisine, make sure you ask our relocation specialists about the amazing offerings in Arizona. You might be surprised at the depth of the art community in this southwestern state!

5. Active Lifestyle
If you can’t find the perfect activity to keep you going in Arizona, you’re simply not looking. Horseback riding, swimming, miles and miles of beautiful nature trails, parks, desert landscapes, social clubs, and far more await you.

6. Amenities
Retirees will be well equipped in Arizona, with some of the top ranked medical services, fitness centers, dining facilities, shopping, and service providers right in your own back yard.

7. Weather
Last, but certainly not least is the spectacular weather in Arizona. Boasting a wonderful 70-80% chance of a sunny day year round, Arizona’s weather will lure you in and make you forget about shoveling snow!

Our relocation specialists are well versed with the wonders of Arizona and can help you find a perfect place to live in this awesome state. Follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!


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