Don’t be


According to Webster, the definition of adverb “too” is, in addition: more than what is wanted, needed, acceptable, possible, etc.: to a high degree or extent : very or extremely.

So here is my question, “how often do you use the word too?”  If I honestly reflect on this month to date I have used or thought to use the word more than I would like to admit.  You can fill in the blanks on what too is describing but I assure it isn’t “bored.”  So just in case you’ve used it to perhaps say you are too busy to read the paper I would like to share an apropos article from the Wall Street Journal this morning,  “Are You Too Busy?”    It is a fabulous article and I am glad I took the time to read it.  Being a positive person, I found validation of one of my mantras which is put it on the calendar.  I keep separate Outlook calendars for myself as well as my kids and their activities so with the push of a button I can see the whole picture of my world and it’s daily activities.  This takes times and sometimes seems overboard but I have found it to be a huge management and balancing tool for me.   I know that I’ve written about calendars before but I feel strongly that when are scales are tipping toward too much on the meter a calendar is a great dose of reality and perspective on whether or not we should say yes on impulse or stop and look at what our schedule is before committing.  That was my takeaway and I would be curious to know what yours was so please share.

At Moving For Love, we  know that you can be too busy, too nervous, too unsure, too overwhelmed to think about relocating for the love of a person, place or thing.   Here is the good news, we aren’t too busy to help, we aren’t too busy to research, plan, schedule and coordinate.  You just need to add us to your calendar and take the time for that first call.


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