Anniversaries mark the milestones in our lives. Which of them do you celebrate? Today happens to be a friend and co-workers 20th wedding anniversary which is why I’ve got milestones on my mind.

Hallmark certainly helps us acknowledge the most common anniversary’s but are there others that we should stop and recognize? How many years have you lived in your home? How many years have you been an avid golfer or tennis player? How long ago did you kick a bad habit or make a lifestyle change? How long ago did you decide I don’t know… Snow in April wasn’t part of your long term plan and headed South?

All of these are milestones that impact our lives and are cause for reflection. What did we do right? What could we have or should we work on improving? Life as we all know is a treadmill. It keeps on moving which makes it easy to continue going with the flow but every now and then it’s good to hit pause and take inventory of what is working well and what needs our attention. It’s the moving parts that make the whole.

I hope that as you celebrate your next milestone you have a sense of pride and accomplishment.

At Moving for Love our goal is celebrate the anniversary you made the choice to be closer to someone, someplace or pursue a lifestyle. Let’s us help you make that move and track the milestones.


  1. I love celebrating milestones although sometimes they come too quickly! I agree that pausing for reflection often is important – live in the moment!

    • Robin Sheakley says:

      We agree with you that milestones can (and usually do) come along more often than we’d like to admit! Thanks for your comment and if you haven’t done so yet, we’d love for you to visit out Facebook page and Like us.

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