rosesWhen you think of the word, anniversary do you immediately think of wedding?  I do (no pun intended).  Are there other dates and tenure we celebrate or should?  This week two people I work closely with are celebrating work anniversaries.  One is a 2nd anniversary and the other is a 30th anniversary.  Wow!  Seeing as I just had my 18th with the company I can truly say that each of these is worth celebrating.  Just like any relationship, over time there are highs and lows but there is only one day that is dedicated just to the beginning of that relationship.  When I reflect back on hiring or beginning to work with each of these individuals I am struck by the accomplishments, ideas and suggestions that they have presented to make our company better, more efficient, and sometimes even just more visible.  Let’s face it, we spend more time at work and with our co-workers than just about anywhere or with anyone else.  When we have an anniversary it should be cause for celebration and reflection.  I know that this week, there are two people who have enriched my life personally and professionally and I thank them for that.  Do you have a significant anniversary coming up in your life?  How are you planning on celebrating?  Do you feel enriched by that relationship?  As you reflect on this, ask yourself if you there any changes that you could make to strengthen the relationship what would they be?  If for any reason it includes moving or perhaps seeking a second home we would love to help.

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