Are you a candidate for unretirement? …

PhotographerI read a great article in the June 20th edition of The Week magazine entitled, “Retirement: Redefining your golden years”.  With so many people living longer and remaining healthy it is no wonder that they are not looking to slow down or entirely check out so soon.  Not everyone wants to go from the hustle and bustle of family and career to a standstill.  If retirement is about lifestyle, then it is arguably about your pace of life as well.  Just because you are ready to hang up the stress and pace of  the career you’ve worked so hard to build doesn’t mean you wouldn’t love to have job that acts more as a hobby.

When we started building Moving For Love our initial thought was to help people who met online where distance is nothing but as their relationships developed they realized the challenges associated with their distance.  There is clearly and demand and market for that audience.  There is also an audience of those seeking “unretirment”.  Perhaps the part-time job teaching yoga, painting, acting as starter at a golf course, or working as a guide on the mountain slope… you fill in the bank.  If stereotypes hold true, it is has been a long time since these people have moved let alone ever considered a relocation.  The fun part about starting a company is when your idea appeals to more audiences than you ever intended.  If you are dating online, nearing retirement age or seeking a slower paced next career, or just ready for a change of scenery then let our personal move coordinator help you.

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