Are you a philanthropist?

I recently received an email with this question in the subject line.  My initial reaction is that I try to be one and support great causes with time or money.  However, when I think of identifying someone as a philanthropist I think of people whose names grace buildings and foundations don’t you?

What I’ve never given much thought to the origin of the word, philanthropist.  It is derived from two Greek words, philos (loving) and anthropos (person): loving person.

If go even deeper, I would say that in order to help others and be a loving person we must begin by loving ourselves.  Summer is a time that love is in the air and in the movies.  It is a great time for us to remember that charity starts at home and if we are going to strive to label ourselves as philanthropists which is a wonderful goal to have then we must love who and what we stand for before loving others.

If there is anything about yourself or you life that you don’t love I suggest that you sit on the porch swing this summer and see what it would take to change that.  If you think your home or location are preventing you from loving your life please let our Moving For Love “philanthropists” aka personal move assistants help you assess your next move.

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