Are You a Recruit or Recruiter?

So do you think that you are a recruit or a recruiter? Can you be both? Having been in sales my whole life I’ve always felt that the easiest person to sell is a salesperson. I would certainly include myself on that list and I think my father may be the only person who anxiously answers when the caller id reads…”Caller Unknown”. He loves to be “pitched” to if nothing else. So, is there a correlation between sales and recruiting? Having just hired a new recruiter for our real estate company I would answer emphatically, YES. The very essense of recruiting in any capacity is selling someone on why they should join your team, company or buy into your idea. How do develop or perfect that skill? I think it has to be a drip effect. You slowly begin to learn all that the company or idea has to offer, to internalize how it could benefit you or those you know, you start talking about it to those around you, you gauge their interest, you lean their hot button, you re-engage them highlighting how their hot buttons could be promoted or supported with your company or by your idea and before you know it…. they are recruited, sold or believers, take your pick.

Isn’t moving for love the same concept? The person or place fills the role of the recruiter and you become the recruit. That inner voice keeps telling you how you could be better, happier, more fulfilled if you just moved to…. or were with….. all of the time. If you have ever been passionate about something before, I am sure you sold or recruited someone to your side. I am sure the shoe has been on the other foot as well when you completely bought into another persons idea or proposal. If we love what we are doing we are innately recruiting, if we love what others are doing or offering we are innately recruits. The choice is yours.

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