Are You a Slave to Your Calendar?

I laugh about being a slave to my calendar but the reality of it is pretty discouraging at times. I have neatly created multiple Outlook calendars to manage my kids schedule as well as my own so I can easily flip back and forth. The time I find it most depressing is when I realize there I don’t have much wiggle room for anything impromptu for weeks on end. Having said that I uphold whatever my calendar commitments are. For example, if I want to catch my third graders classroom Halloween party for 45 minutes I put it on my calendar and I plan my work around it. Micromanaging your schedule can have its benefits because you treat everything as critical versus letting the little things, classroom presence or occasional lunch with a friend just be ideas you’d like to do but then something else comes up. I know it sounds crazy but it works best for me. Being a full-time working Mom I appreciate what career expert, Cali Yost describes as “work+life fit“. It cannot be a balancing act because inevitably the scale will always tilt to one direction. We have to strive to make it fit and there is only so much you can “fit” in at any given time. Slice and dice as we may, there are only 24 hours in day. So I guess I am not really a slave to my calendar as much as I am a believer in making things, appearances, meetings whatever I deem important actually happen. If you have been considering making something happen but haven’t put it on your calendar I urge you to do it. You’ll be amazed how good it feels to fit it in. If we can help make something happen for you, perhaps make that decision to move we would love to add it to our calendar.

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