Are you Ready to Move for Love?

In every long distance relationship there comes a point when the decision is made whether to advance it to the next level or make a change. Many cues may prompt you to think about relocating for love, but how do you know if your relationship is ready for such a major change?

Long_Distance_DatingThe Language of We

Long distance dating can make it challenging to imagine your future with a person. The limited time spent together, crazy schedules, compartmentalized lives and distance are all factors that can put a squeeze on future planning. Listen for key words on both sides of the conversation to clue you in. For example, is your partner thinking of long term events together? What time frames does he or she speak in? Do you talk about living arrangements, family plans, or places you want to visit together? Does he or she include you in decision-making? If you are hearing these hints and sending the same message, this is a great indicator that relocating for love may be in the cards.

Equal Level

In any relationship, one person may be more committed than the other. Different personality types, intimacy styles, maturity levels, and relationship history all play into the direction that the partnership is headed. Some partners are completely invested and others may be very casual. Listen for language and cues that tell you where your partner resides on the scale of commitment before you decide if it is the right time for relocating for love. If your partner goes out of his or her way to spend time with you and prioritizes you above all else, it’s a good sign that they’d be receptive to the move.

Question and Answer Time

When the decision comes up of whether or not you should relocate for love, this is a great time for a little self-analysis. Ask yourself why you want to move, if you are ready to move on to the next step in the relationship, if you are ready to share your space with another person, if the move fits into your own goals as well as your partnership goals, and if you like the city where you’ll be living. If your move would be purely to satisfy the other person or to attempt to solidify a shaky relationship, relocating for love may not be the best idea.

Goals and Habits

Talking about what you want to accomplish as a couple is a very important thing before you make a major decision like moving for a relationship. Make sure you’re on the same page and that your individual goals fit into the bigger picture of your partnership objectives. Learn about your financial goals too, and figure out if your spending and saving habits align. Though this may seem like an unemotional way to approach relocating for love, it is better to know your compatibility before you spend time and money to make a move only to find out that the situation is unstable and you can’t cooperate or complement each other like you hoped.

Relocating for love is a risk, but definitely one that can pay off with the right person. Take the time to make the decision and when you are ready, join The Move. Follow your heart. We’ll pave the way!

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