Ask and Ask Again.

How many questions do you ask in a given day, week or month?  I’ve never really kept track but I would guess that the number isn’t as high for any of us as it should be.  Does this mean we just accept things at face value or that we don’t want to expend the energy required to question or to seek more clarification?  As always, I will use a sample size of one to form my hypothesis.  I would answer “D” all of the above.   What a shame that is for me or anyone else who answered the same.  Our parents and teachers taught us to ask questions, we as employers also tell everyone who joins our companies to ask questions if they don’t know the answer or think there is a better way to do something.  There is no reason for us to have uncertainties if they can be avoided.  By questioning we verbalize what we clearly could not process and through that repetition we tend to always remember the question we asked and sometimes forget the answer.  So my conclusion is we should ask, get the answer, repeat the answer or share the answer with someone else in order to fully process and remember it.  This does indeed take time but if it didn’t there wouldn’t be 152 results to my Amazon book search on “useless facts”.   

Facts are indeed useless until you need them.  Once you need them they are very useful and once you have them they are very empowering.   Who doesn’t feel smarter, more important or well read when they can spout off a random (and correct) fact or statistic in everyday conversation?  The more we ask or question of ourselves and others the more knowledgeable we become and the more prepared we are to respond when the tables turn and the questions are being asked of us.  Whether you need to do some self-reflection and ask yourself “why” in your personal life or if you just want to dig a little deeper in your professional life and get more answers please make a conscious effort to ask more of yourself and others.   I know I will.


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