Decisions, Decisions……

New YorkEach day we are faced with a barrage of choices and they can be as simple as choosing chocolate or vanilla, or then again how about a scoop of each?  Other decisions, such as the kind of car to buy, or which company should be hired to replace your roof, involve additional research.  There are many resources and companies available that can help you make educated decisions.  

What happens if you’re thinking about making a move to a new city?   How can you easily compare your current location to a new place that you are thinking of  calling home? Just one of the many services that Moving For Love offers is to provide you with a detailed cost of living analysis prepared specifically for you.   Whether you are planning an upcoming move or just curious, we can get you the information you want.  

 Our Personal Move Assistant will prepare you a personalized Cost of Living Analysis for anywhere in the United States.  Just send your name, email address and phone number with your originating city and state along with the destination city and state to   Who knows, this could be the beginning step to a big move.


From Fear To Fabulous!

Fear to Fabulous2Recently I had to give a companywide presentation and even though I knew the majority of those who attended, there was a mix of emotions.  Excitement about what I had to say, but there was still a knot in my stomach at the thought of standing up and speaking in front of a group of people.   I kept thinking there was so much that could go wrong.  What if there are technical issues, what if they don’t like the guest speaker I lined up, what if there isn’t enough food,  The “What If’s” were endless.  As much as I wanted to ignore the fact that I had to do this, it was time to face reality.  The time was here and I had a job to do.   As I walked up in front of the audience and started my presentation, I realized what was once extreme fear had turned into butterflies and those rapidly started to disappear.

The presentation ended and  that’s when I realized how well it went.  The compliments started coming and I began to understand that my confidence had come from being prepared.  I did my research, knew the material and enlisted the help of those who are “tops” in their field to give me a hand. With all this expertise, it allowed me to feel self-assured in the message I was delivering.

Making a move is very much the same. You are thrilled and excited about the change you are making, but at the same time afraid of what you are doing.  There is so much involved with making a long distance move, you start to wonder if it will be too much stress and too much work.  This is when you enlist those who are “tops” in their field to handle the details and that is when you call us. Moving For Love specializes in personal relocation and we are here to handle all the details.  We will do the research, get you prepared and moved with confidence.




Most Environmentally Friendly Cities in the US

RelocatingSome of us relocate for love … and that love can extend to the love of the Earth. If your relocation plans include a focus on sustainability and eco-awareness, you can find environmentally friendly cities in every corner of the US.

Rankings and criteria vary for the title of “most environmentally friendly,” but one city tops every chart, and several others consistently make the best-of lists.

The greenest city we know … Portland, OR

Ok, so Portlandia tweaks the city’s hip, artesian reputation. But there’s no arguing the features that got Portland hailed as the greenest city in the US. There, “Every day feels like Earth Day,” says Travel & Leisure. About a quarter of the residents commute by bike, carpool or public transportation, the town boasts 175 LEED buildings, the highest number per capita of any US city, and Portland uses 33% renewable energy (compared to just 13% average nationwide).

In fact, the Pacific Northwest as a whole is quite the green-leaning region. San Francisco (the first city to ban plastic grocery bags) and Seattle (tops in “green” buildings) are highly ranked in most surveys.

Other eco-friendly cities

New York City. What? Crowded, noisy, taxi-honking New York City? Yes, Manhattan and its environs does make the lists as an environmentally aware city. In a Popular Science survey, NYC beat Ann Arbor and Anchorage for top marks in public transportation use, and the city is also making waves in green electricity, harnessing the tides of the East River to power underwater turbines.

Savannah. Romantic Savannah, Georgia, tops Travel & Leisure’s list for parks and walkable streets. But the city leaders want to take it a step further. “Savannah wants to be the greenest city in the state of Georgia,” said a leader of the Savannah International Clean Energy Conference. The message is going out straight to the people: reduce, reuse, recycle.

4 Things you May Not Know about Relocating

Moving_GuideMoving is a huge task to undertake, and one that can very easily go badly. Not being properly prepared for this major project will make you miserable and frustrated quickly. Our home relocation services will demystify the experience for you and help make these four unknown areas involved with moving a breeze.

1. How To Relocate Pets

Whether Fluffy is a dog, cat, lizard, or pig, he’s got to get from the old home to the new one safely. How will he travel? What should you do with him while loading up? What different vaccinations might he need? Our professional home relocation services arrange for Fluffy to make it to your new location and we also do all the research required for that to happen efficiently.

2. What It Takes To Buy or Sell A House

Realtors, professional services, title checks, home inspections, and mortgage help or payoff arrangements are complex to organize, especially when you have to buy AND sell a home to make your move happen. What neighborhood should you choose? How do you find service providers you trust? Our relocation experts will help you line up everything you need for both sides of this process to work well and efficiently without you attaining a giant headache.

3. Expense of Moving

Depending upon the complexity and size of your move, things can easily become very costly and you may not realize just how quickly it can add up. Moves can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and the options for moving aren’t always easy to interpret. Our home relocation services will provide quotes and guidance on choosing the perfect moving package made just for you.

4. What To Do With All This Stuff

Possibly the worst part about moving is packing up 10 years worth of a household. You may wish to ruthlessly sell, trash, or donate much of the house’s contents, have someone else pack it up for you, or move everything from A to Z. Your relocation expert will help you make an informed decision on what to do.

Moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare, with the right help it will be easy to keep everything on track and on schedule. Follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!

Tips for Relocating after Divorce

Relocation_AssistantDivorce is certainly a difficult situation no matter how amicable things are between the parties involved. Sometimes the best tactic is to get a fresh start, and relocation is a great way to achieve that. Your professional relocation assistant offers these tips for a successful post-divorce move.

Soul Searching 

After a divorce, spend some time with yourself and discover who YOU really are. What do you want out of life? Where do you see yourself being down the road? Does a career change also fit into your plans? When you can answer these questions, it will be much easier to outline what to do next.

Picking The Perfect Place

Your list of potential cities might be lengthy. What about each city intrigues you? What does each have to offer for your long-term dreams and career goals? Don’t pigeonhole yourself into living in a place that has inadequate career support or lifestyles that won’t fit you for a long amount of time. Your relocation assistant can help you analyze and compare all of your potential choices.


When you’ve picked your destination city, start networking right away. Join meetup groups, check out LinkedIn for college alumni and interest organizations in your intended city, try connecting with friends on Facebook who might live in that city, and reach out to ask friends and colleagues for recommendations on jobs, housing, meeting people, and starting your new life. Building a support network in your new city is a great strategy for success.

Organizing the Move

Whether you have to move a one-bedroom studio or a four-bedroom multi-story home, your relocation assistant will make the process easy and painless. We’ll take the effort out of the process so you can focus on assimilating into your new city.

Living the Dream

When you get where you’re going, stop to smell the roses! Enjoy your new friends, try new experiences, and do everything you’ve dreamed of doing.

Divorce, like many other life changes, can give you an opportunity for a new start and let you try all the things you wanted to do that you couldn’t during marriage. Follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!

Pros and Cons of Surprising Your LDR

RelocationAnyone who has done his or her share of long distance dating can tell you that getting time together is sometimes really challenging. Different work schedules, lifestyles, and maybe even time zones all have a way of interfering in your love life. Planning to surprise your sweetie has its good and bad points, both of which you should consider before making the trip.


Nothing says, “I couldn’t wait another minute to see you” than a surprise visit. Bring a little romance to your LDR by showing up unannounced and let them know how much you’ve missed them, and how glad you are to be with them.

Quality Time
A surprise visit is a great way to spend any time with your significant other. Long distance dating makes it a challenge to spend one on one time with your darling.

Surprising your long distance love can be the start of a great series of adventures. Make it a time of all new experiences, go to see new places and take in some of the local offerings.


Bad Timing
If you don’t arrange the visit in advance, there is a chance that your LDR already has plans for the time period you’re planning to stay. This can be awkward and disappointing.

Bad Surprises
Long distance dating can be very challenging. Sneaking up on your LDR can lead you to a discovery you’re not expecting. While obviously it is good to know the truth about any relationship, it warrants mentioning that these types of situations are more common than you’d hope.

You’ve decided to make the trip to see your LDR unannounced. If he or she is between paychecks or living on a strict budget, your presence may put undue financial pressure on them, or they may not be able to participate in any activities while you are there.

Long distance dating can be fun and romantic, but think carefully before making an unannounced trip to see your love. When you’re ready to make that distance shorter, follow your heart — we’ll pave the way!

How to find your Passion in 5 Easy Steps!

Relocation_TipsLife is all about the adventure, and the twists and turns the road takes on the way to your destination can be pretty spectacular. Finding what you really want out of life isn’t as hard as you might think. It all boils down to five manageable steps!


Before you can embark on a journey, you’ve got to have a dream or inspiration. Are you thinking about relocating to an amazing new city? Traveling to far-off lands? Inventing something that helps millions of people?  You’ve got to have a dream to fulfill first. Dream big! Visualizing what you want helps you eventually achieve it.


Now that you have had the dream. What do you do with it? Pick it apart and outline it in steps. Don’t ask yourself whether or not you can ACHIEVE the dream, just proceed as if success is a given. Determine what process or steps it would take to make each step happen.


You’ve got an idea of what it might take to achieve your dream of relocating, traveling, or inventing. Next it’s time to make the plan! How will you accomplish each goal? What obstacles might you find for each element and how will you overcome them? What is your measure of success for each step?

Take Action

Start at the beginning, but focus on the future goal and imagine yourself with everything you are aiming for. Savor the success of checking off each step. For those who let obstacles stop them, the desire was never truly there to begin with, so no matter what road blocks you may approach, know that you CAN and will get through them. Determination is the key!


The best part of your plan has arrived! Reward yourself by enjoying the fruits of your labor, and celebrate your victory. Whether it’s relocating, creating something amazing, or finding the love of your life, relish both the journey and the arrival.

Finding your passion isn’t as hard as you might think. Start with a dream and you’ll be surprised how quickly you are able to accomplish it. Follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!

How to Overcome Fear of Change

Relocation_HelpTrying new things and traveling to new places can certainly have an element of fear. Not knowing what may happen when you get there and meeting different people might be intimidating. Change is also a great part of life and without it, there would never be any excitement, reward, or new friends. How do you make it past the scary part and get to the good stuff?

Analyze and Plan

Getting past fear is much easier if you understand where it is coming from. Write down reasons you are afraid. Once they are in a concrete form, it’s much easier to apply logic to neutralize the fear, saying, “That happened a long time ago,” or, “That’s not a realistic fear.” Discover why you are afraid of the upcoming change and plan your way around it. Fear of the unknown? Do research on the new city or experience, or get relocation help to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Focus on the End Result

Looking forward to the point after the scary part will keep your eye on the prize. After the stress of a move, you’ll be living in a fabulous new city, enjoying the company of new friends and loving your new surroundings. Maybe you’ll be working at a new job, in which you’ll be expanding your skill set, conquering new challenges, and making a name for yourself. Picture yourself happy, financially stable, and satisfied with your new life!

Reward System

Sometimes overcoming the fear of change is as easy as rewarding yourself for doing something new. Anytime you step out of your comfort zone, give yourself a treat of some sort, so you’ll begin to associate change with positive feelings.

Professional relocation help will make your new experience smooth and painless. Follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!


7 Reasons Retirees Love Arizona

relocating_specialistWhat’s not to love about Arizona? The state pulls in tourists year-round, and to count the number of moving trucks driving down the street would be overwhelming! Retirees are especially attracted to Arizona, for good reasons:

1. Golf
Crazy pants, sunshine, and time with friends are some of the best things about partaking in golf. Arizona is a wonderland of golf courses, designed by masters of the craft. If you are golfer, relocation specialists can help you find the perfect house close to beautiful fairways.

2. Cost of Living
Fresh fruit and produce is on every corner, gasoline is fairly inexpensive, and you rarely have to turn on the furnace. These factors mean that it is very inexpensive to live in the beautiful state of Arizona.

3. Transportation
The fantastic bus, light rail, taxi and trolley systems in the major cities of the Arizona valley make getting from point A to B very easy. A well-maintained highway system easily accommodates millions of drivers every day, with far less of the traffic jams you might be used to in other metropolitan areas.

4. Culture
If you love theater, music, and fine cuisine, make sure you ask our relocation specialists about the amazing offerings in Arizona. You might be surprised at the depth of the art community in this southwestern state!

5. Active Lifestyle
If you can’t find the perfect activity to keep you going in Arizona, you’re simply not looking. Horseback riding, swimming, miles and miles of beautiful nature trails, parks, desert landscapes, social clubs, and far more await you.

6. Amenities
Retirees will be well equipped in Arizona, with some of the top ranked medical services, fitness centers, dining facilities, shopping, and service providers right in your own back yard.

7. Weather
Last, but certainly not least is the spectacular weather in Arizona. Boasting a wonderful 70-80% chance of a sunny day year round, Arizona’s weather will lure you in and make you forget about shoveling snow!

Our relocation specialists are well versed with the wonders of Arizona and can help you find a perfect place to live in this awesome state. Follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!

Your Dating Life Before and After Social Media

Relocation_GuideFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Hangouts have become a regular part of life for most, to the point where we may have difficulty socializing without these channels. Long distance dating and connecting has not always been so easy. Here are a few ways that your LDR might have differed before social media.

Personal Ads
SWF desires SWM who likes golf, long walks on the beach, dogs, and pizza. Sound cheesy? Back before social media, singles placed ads in the local newspaper to find love. The descriptions and acronyms could get pretty complicated, like BHDMNS WLTM BBWWGSOH (Bald headed male non-smoker would like to meet big beautiful woman with good sense of humor)! Now you can search Facebook for people in your area or another region, who have common interests. If you still want the intrigue of personal-ads, Craigslist is the modern version of newspaper personals.

Little Black Book

The LBB was a staple of many daters before social media, and contained a list of phone numbers, usually accompanied by “ratings” or notes for each contact. The LBB was legendary for solving a cold winter night or finding a date for a wedding. At times, you might share one of your LBB contacts with a single friend who is looking to be set up on a date.

Letter Writing

Before email, text, and Skype, your long distance dating life would have relied on writing long letters to your love. Back then, stamps were cheap and if you were really committed, you would send a letter daily or weekly. These became keepsakes that often got filed into a memory box, to pull out years later when reliving the early days of your romance. Today’s easy access to communicating with each other may keep you closer on a daily basis, but definitely removes some of the romance and pining away for your loved one.

Long distance dating has been made much easier with the advancement of social media. Sometimes it is good to remember how to be romantic and spontaneous to make your LDR even better! Follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!