Baby You’re A Firework

So I may be showing my age but I recently took my daughter to see the Katy Perry movie in 3-D. I must confess that it wasn’t the first time I heard her story. I am a loyal Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood fan and this winter he did a story on her. For those of you who don’t know her music or don’t care for it you cannot be anything but impressed by the fact that she has had more #1 hits on a single album than any other recording artist in history. That includes the Beatles and Michael Jackson. Wow! She is only 27 years old! While all of this is impressive, what struck me as most interesting was that she was in her late teens before she really listened to any music outside of gospel or Christian based lyrics. When she did it was like a whole new world opened and she packed her bags and moved LA. Granted that is less than two hours from her hometown but it is also one of the largest cities in the world and she up and moved with her only plan being to follow her passion, music. Talk about gut instinct and going for it with major success. You may not be the next music icon but that doesn’t mean your passions are any less important. What’s stopping you? Go for it and let us pave the way cause “Baby you’re a Firework!”


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