Back to School

There is not greater gauge of how quickly time flies than having kids and especially school age children.  I work full-time so it isn’t as though I had a summer break but I certainly did get a break from the morning rush, the barrage of “what’s for dinner” as I walk in the house or arguments over bed times.  Let’s face it, kids or no kids, summer is a more relaxed time of the year.  The problem is it seems to get shorter every year.

Last weekend I read a great WSJ article, “Whatever Happened to August?” it discussed how early schools and sports are starting these days and that the lazy days of summer no longer include August.  I read the article right before heading to my 4th graders preview football game.  I felt like the article was written based on my life but I know all too well it was based on most of our lives.  If the treadmill of life moves faster and faster how do we maintain control?  The article was somewhat empowering to me on that very day.  As the game began,  I sat in the bleachers and listened to some of the over zealous parents cheering and yelling and basically acting as though this was the super bowl not a 4th grade preview game.  Instead of getting worked up myself or pointing out the opposing team parents that we were sitting right next to them as they yelled about our boys I decided to get up and go stand on the sidelines and appreciate the game for what it was, two teams of 4th graders playing an American past-time getting ready for school and their official game season to start.

I stopped long enough to enjoy the moment and realize that August may no longer mean lazy days but it can still mean cherished memories.  As my 4th and 7th graders begin a new school year, I like every other parent feel like it was just yesterday that they were babies.  My goal for this school year is to bottle as much time together as we can and make sure that even if the quantity diminishes each year the quality still remains and strengthens.

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