Be My Valentine

Candy-HeartHow can I resist writing on Valentine’s Day? Some of you may view today with great anticipation as the best holiday on the calendar, others may feel it is a fun day to express your love for spouses, significant others friends and family and some of you may feel that is the best marketing scam ever to promote every greeting card, candy, flower and lingerie manufacturer out there. I would say I am somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

I could not wait to get up early this morning, decorate my kitchen, put cards and candy out for my husband and kids and make cinnamon rolls with strawberry milk. I must say I loved the scene I created. Enter the actors….. they roll their eyes… she’s at it again, they giggle at their cards, they hid their candy for later and were out the door. So who did I really set the stage for? If I am honest, I would say myself in some regard. Breaking routine, setting a mood, taking that extra time to demonstrate my love makes me feel good. I would also say that if they were all honest when they bite into that red swedish fish this afternoon and think about me they too will good and loved.

How do you show your love on Valentine’s Day? What emotions does the “holiday” stir in you? If you were not able to be with the one/ones you love when you awoke this morning what was the reason? If we can help eliminate the distance and bring you together we love to do it. You see at Moving For Love, everyday is Valentine’s Day.


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