Better than an hourglass

RSheakley001There are many ways to measure time, a watch, a clock, even an hourglass.   I would propose that there is one more significant measure of time during the holiday season…. The Christmas card.  I have sent them every year for the past thirteen years with a photo of my children.  We too have received them every bit as long.  I am like a child when I get home at night going through the mail and seeing whose card we received that day.  There are so many times when I almost gasp at how much a child’s looks have changed throughout the year especially those whom I don’t see that much.    I actually even save them year after year in a big container in my basement so that as I put one year away I can look at years past and really see time fly.  As I reflect on how quickly time does march on and as I get ready to embark on week full of traditions I am convinced more than ever that mirrors simply reflect our present state and sometimes our lives can go in spurts of a “repeat”  but photo’s of traditions year after year truly are time stamps.  I hope that your pictures reflect peace and happiness for you this holiday.


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