Bitten By The Bug

How many of your use the expression, “I’ve been bitten by the bug?”

For me, I’d say when I first tried yoga over five years ago I was bitten by the bug to continue. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of witnessing my daughter get bitten by the swim bug. She has been on a team for many years and for whatever reason this meet she realized what fun it is to compete with herself. She improved her times pretty dramatically and all of a sudden she wanted to know which other meets she could attend. As a parent, it was fun to see her excitement and desire to improve. None of us can control when we get “bitten” but we can control what we do after. For me, I don’t miss a week without yoga, my daughter plans to focus more on her practice, what about you?

Have you been bitten by the love bug? The warmer weather bug? The simpler life bug? If so, let us help you pursue it.


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