I know that I have written before about calendars but seeing as many people are cracking open a new one this week it seemed apropos to bring them up again.  I love and live by my calendar.   It keeps me on track for everything I need to do and places I need to be.  The year I discovered Outlook and had the ability to maintain basically a home calendar and work one it was a eureka moment!  Perhaps I should get a life but the truth is the truth and I have learned that if I put it on my calendar I make it happen.  If I mention it in passing or conversation but don’t actually assign a time for it it typically doesn’t happen.  What tools do you use to keep on track?  Do you have system or is your preferred method to wing it?  As long as you accomplish what you are looking to do or be where you need to then your system is working.  If you keep saying you want a change or you should look into different career, housing, second housing options but you never do it, then Moving For Love would love to send you an Outlook meeting request so that indeed you add it to your calendar and at least get the conversation started.   New Year, new resolutions or at least intentions and the perfect team to help pave the way.  Let’s get it scheduled!

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