Can the Desert quench your senses?


I have just returned from one of the best and certainly most unique trips I’ve ever experienced.  When you think of the desert I am sure you think of sand, heat, cactus and if you ever watched Bugs Bunny then you might even envision a road runner.  Well, I experienced all three this week on a mother-daughter trip to Miraval Spa in Tucson, Arizona.  As the plane landed we could feel the heat, see the mountains and the landscape and that continued on our drive through the city to the gates of Miraval and as we pulled in to reception a road runner literally ran across our path…. We had arrived in the desert.

Everything about time there quenched our senses.  While they offer a very balanced variety of programs from exercise classes of all levels, to off-site experiences and lectures and speakers who cover all facets of well-being, we focused on the fitness offerings.  I have never experienced a spinning class with a play list that took us from early childhood to adulthood to an out of body experience looking down upon Earth and choices we’ve made all while pedaling away.  How does a class like that end you may ask while naturally with Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory.  And do you know what…. that class had my wheels moving both literally and mentally.   Our two and a half days were packed with classes, new friends and most importantly time together.   We soaked up all that Miraval had to offer, we discussed all the thoughts it provoked and came home feeling completely satisfied.

Sometimes it is the small or short journeys in life that can quench our needs and sometimes life’s solutions are much more complicated.  If  you are in need of something more permanent that a quick trip perhaps to fill your senses you are looking to move for what you love and not just visit it.   If that describes you, let our personal move coordinators help pave the way.



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