cookiesDo traditions ever get old?  Certainly me talking about them isn’t tiring for me and hopefully you are willing to bear with me for one more rant about them.  This time of year I love to reflect on the year as we do one tradition after the next from cooking, baking, entertaining, looking at lights and volunteering.  It is a wonderful time that I love.  The pace and stamina needed this month is both overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time.  Don’t you agree?

This year I started what I hope will become a new tradition for me and one for my daughter as well.   I had friends for lunch then we decorated cookies together and once we were all finished my daughter had friends over to do the same.  I must admit the younger girls displayed way more talent than us.  As my friends gathered around the table for lunch we reflected how amazing it was with all that was going on with our kids, and preparation that we were able to all come together and slow down long enough to toast our friendship, our health and the season.  It may have been a short oasis in the midst of the chaos but spending time with our closest friends cannot be underestimated.

This holiday season, whether your traditions are old or new or whether your friendships (not friends:)) are old or new take the time to celebrate them.

If you are looking to create new traditions, or cultivate new friendships in a new location let our personal move coordinators help pave the way!

Cases for Love



Moving for Love was built on the premise of helping people who are choosing to move for love of a person, place or lifestyle.  We love what we do and why we are doing it.  Your stories are inspiring to us.


Today I would like to reflect on those who are not always choosing to move yet they are….foster children.  Moving For Love is affiliated with Sibcy Cline, Inc. and we are participating in a program, “Cases for Love“.  We are so excited to help promote and collect new or gently used suitcases to give foster children so they have some sense of ownership of their belongings as they transport them.


Life is all about personal fulfillment whether it is moving for love to a known destination or whether it is moving with belongings you love to an unknown destination.  We are fortunate enough to help with both and for us that is fulfilling.


When to Move… When to Stay

When to Stay

When to Move, When to Stay

It seems counter-intuitive for me to write about moving for a job when the premise of our business is to help people moving for love but…  I thought I’d share a story with you.

Last weekend I was trying to get a jump start on my Christmas shopping.  I am a total supporter of local businesses in our community and when time permits I love to walk through them.  As I debated the perfect gift for my sister I was talking to the shop owner and another shopper who I know well.  Rita, the store owner was talking about her Thanksgiving plans and mentioned that no one in her family, immediate or extended live in Cincinnati.  She and her husband moved her for his job many years ago and thought as soon as he quit or retired they’d be out of here but guess what?  They fell in love with the community, the people they met and the life they built so even though he is no longer with the company who brought him here they remain.  They moved for a job and stayed for love of their lifestyle.

As we all either travel to family or welcome them to our homes it is important to note that sometimes our “family” or even “extended family” can be the friends we meet along the way and home can be anywhere we are surrounded by the ones we love and the life we love.

If you aren’t feeling at home or surrounded by “family” now is the perfect time to let us help you make that move happen.

Tradition or Traditional?




Just two letters can make all of the difference in meaning.  Which has greater value to you, carrying on a tradition or being traditional?  For anyone who knows me, I like case studies of one since they typically yield the results you are seeking.  In this case, I’d argue it’s all about the tradition. 

I love traditions and have a ton of them but I promise many of them are far from traditional.  Traditions are what make memories, provide stability and give you something to plan and look forward to doing every year.  It doesn’t matter if what you do is “traditional” or not.  Are we not our own judge and jury when it comes down do it anyway?

 If you are feeling as though you need to start a new tradition or perhaps carry out your tradition in a new home, city or state please let us help you move for the love of keeping the tradition going. 



Proud to be an American



This morning I was watching a few minutes of the news before taking our kids to school.  My 8th grade daughter commented on the Speeedway commercial that shows a military father reuniting with his wife and daughter by saying “he seems so young”.   I know it is a commercial but how true a statement coming from someone younger than he.   As we pay tribute to all the men and women who have served our country and defended our freedom it is important to remember just how young many of them are as they enter the service and then the years of dedication and service many of them give to our country.  What an incredible example they provide to their children on some the founding principle’s of our great country.  We cannot underestimate the importance of recognizing what each veteran has provided for us.  Last Sunday before Mass started the priest asked all veterans in the congregation to stand and be recognized for their service.  To watch these men and women of all ages stand to applause from all around them was something special and well deserved.

So whether you are tearing up  at a commercial, humming “Proud to be American”, or attending a service to honor those who have served our country… remember we are able to freely express ourselves because of those who came before us, sit beside us and have yet to be born who have the passion and desire to protect others.

God bless them!

Traditionally All Treats…

When given the choice between a trick or a treat is there really any question which we would choose?  Do you have a special Halloween tradition or treat that you look forward to every year?  For me, it is hosting a bunch of families with an open door, stocked bar, kitchen full of food, fire going and a blind eye to what feels like a hundred kids trading candy throughout my house.  I love it and look forward to it every year and especially this year when it falls on a Friday which just means we will probably witness the sugar high and low before the night ends.  What is the relevance to this tradition and Moving For Love?   It is the fact that whether this is my 11th year hosting at our house or your first year hosting at yours a tradition can start at any point and with anyone.  If you are surrounded with friends, family and love where you are…. stay put and carry on but  if you are questioning whether or not you’ve been tricked and fret it is too late to start new traditions don’t be silly… give us the treat of helping you get started and pave the way for your move.


Mother’s and Daughters

WordItOut-word-cloud-550352When I count my blessings in life, at the top of list is my relationship with my mom.  Not everyone can say the same but most certainly Claudia, our star Personal Move Assistant here at Moving For Love most certainly can.  While this past weekend was a sad one for her as her mother passed away this week will be a celebratory one for a life well lived and a bond well feed.  For the past four years mother has become daughter and daughter has become mother as Claudia has been vigilantly by her mothers side taking her to countless appointments and treatments managing both she and her mother’s calendar with an ease and grace I haven’t seen since my own mother did the same for my grandmother 11 years ago this month.  The example that these two very important women have taught me is one that we cannot be told enough, “be present” with the ones you love.  If they are suffering or in need then that is your priority.  It isn’t a juggling act,  it is center stage.  There is validity to life being a three ring circus but equally important is keeping the spotlight focused on one ring at a time.

I hope your spotlight is focused on whatever act is center stage for you today and that you are fully present for it.  When we talk about Moving For Love one of the first requests we hear is a desire to be closer to family.   We would love to help any of you accomplish this so that you too can be present.



Second Story

Second Story Yesterday was a very exciting day for our newest venture, Second Story Auctions.  I am proud be a part of the team that helped create this new partnership and our very first online auction began last evening.  I am writing about this on Moving For Love because for a moment I’d like to reflect on the name of our company, Second Story Auctions.  There was a lot of thought and branding exercises that led us to this name. 

If you are an auction consignor then your items are going to generate revenue for you and leave you with memories about them while the purchaser is going to give those items a new or second story.  We can envision the proverbial dining room table and the many meals and toasts shared there being purchased by a young person or couple who will host their first dinner and give the table a whole new future.  Can we find parallels in our own lives?  Have you ever wished you could rewrite history or perhaps start over again? In many ways, Moving For Love and Second Story have similar missions to help pave the way for your next step whether it is moving yourself or selling or acquiring personal items.  The stories about why you are seeking help or where are hoping your next story takes you are what make our jobs so worthwhile.  Home is not only the house but the people, contents and the experiences had there.  We look forward to helping you in a whole new way turn your house into a home. 

Decisions, Decisions……

New YorkEach day we are faced with a barrage of choices and they can be as simple as choosing chocolate or vanilla, or then again how about a scoop of each?  Other decisions, such as the kind of car to buy, or which company should be hired to replace your roof, involve additional research.  There are many resources and companies available that can help you make educated decisions.  

What happens if you’re thinking about making a move to a new city?   How can you easily compare your current location to a new place that you are thinking of  calling home? Just one of the many services that Moving For Love offers is to provide you with a detailed cost of living analysis prepared specifically for you.   Whether you are planning an upcoming move or just curious, we can get you the information you want.  

 Our Personal Move Assistant will prepare you a personalized Cost of Living Analysis for anywhere in the United States.  Just send your name, email address and phone number with your originating city and state along with the destination city and state to   Who knows, this could be the beginning step to a big move.


Crazy Little Thing Called Love


Sometimes songs just pop in my head, what about you?     Recently I  serenaded a co-worker for his birthday after which he offered to chip in for voice lessons!   So you can see why it is good that songs stay in my head and not out of my mouth.  I know that I have referenced song titles and jukeboxes in past posts but this morning the Queen song popped in my head.    Perhaps it was after asking someone about their weekend and hearing that they drove six hours on Saturday with their young kids to surprise his parents at dinner to celebrate their 40th anniversary and then drove back the next morning.  Usually we hear crazy stories about what parents will do for their children or what people will do in romantic relationships for love but it was touching to hear what a child (albeit grown) would do for their parents for love.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?  We are of the mindset that moving to be with the one you love or the place you love isn’t crazy at all so if you are considering for Moving For Love let us help.