Do you ever overhear a conversation about something with which you are involved and think….”man, they really get it!”  Well, this morning I cannot exactly say I “overheard” anything since it was being broadcast on the radio but what was said was music to my ears, no pun intended.  Anyone who has read my blog for the past two years knows I believe strongly in matchmaking when it comes to the home buying process to connect the right property with the right owner but equally important is connecting the right Realtor with right client.

Every morning I tune in to America’s Morning Show on my drive to work.  This morning the discussion revolved around Chuck surfing the internet for a house with a backyard for his dog.  He isn’t currently working with a realtor (a fact I hope to help with very shortly) and Blair went on to give all the right reasons he needs to have the right agent working for him and with him to not only find but negotiate the best deal.  It was like a paid advertisement for our industry but even better than that it was unpaid and very well said.

I want to thank him for the shout out and of course offer Moving For Love Personal Move Assistants to help Chuck and his dog find the perfect backyard and settle in to their new home.  As you know, our goal is make any address become Home.

If you, like Chuck are seeking to move for any reason give us a call, send a text, or email us.  We cannot wait to play matchmaker for you!

Your Turn

As 2015 begins and we roll up our sleeves to map out the year ahead we often reflect on our personal belongings… or maybe that is just me, the only person who really enjoys nesting in January and literally cleaning house.  I find this month to be a liberating one.  I set goals that once written or voiced are hard to go back on and I try and de-clutter my personal belongings.  What have I held on to but not used in years?  Clearly I must have an attachment to things that are collecting dust but is that really fair?  When we began Moving For Love it was to help people pave the way to move and with a person, place or lifestyle that they wanted for their next chapter.  Are our objects not entitled to the same?

In October I poste the a blog about a new company that we are involved with, Second Story Auctions.  It is an online auction site that allows consignors to sell to their belongings and let buyers have their turn with that special piece or collectible.  It has been an exciting venture and one that I am personally taking advantage of this month.  I have many things that I hate to part with but know that my time with them has past and now it is your turn.

If you are in the market to buy or sell any of your belongings please check out Second Story Auctions.

If you are in the market for a fresh start in a new house and a new location please check out Moving For Love and let a personal move assistant help your 2015 goals happen.

When to Move… When to Stay

When to Stay

When to Move, When to Stay

It seems counter-intuitive for me to write about moving for a job when the premise of our business is to help people moving for love but…  I thought I’d share a story with you.

Last weekend I was trying to get a jump start on my Christmas shopping.  I am a total supporter of local businesses in our community and when time permits I love to walk through them.  As I debated the perfect gift for my sister I was talking to the shop owner and another shopper who I know well.  Rita, the store owner was talking about her Thanksgiving plans and mentioned that no one in her family, immediate or extended live in Cincinnati.  She and her husband moved her for his job many years ago and thought as soon as he quit or retired they’d be out of here but guess what?  They fell in love with the community, the people they met and the life they built so even though he is no longer with the company who brought him here they remain.  They moved for a job and stayed for love of their lifestyle.

As we all either travel to family or welcome them to our homes it is important to note that sometimes our “family” or even “extended family” can be the friends we meet along the way and home can be anywhere we are surrounded by the ones we love and the life we love.

If you aren’t feeling at home or surrounded by “family” now is the perfect time to let us help you make that move happen.

Decisions, Decisions……

New YorkEach day we are faced with a barrage of choices and they can be as simple as choosing chocolate or vanilla, or then again how about a scoop of each?  Other decisions, such as the kind of car to buy, or which company should be hired to replace your roof, involve additional research.  There are many resources and companies available that can help you make educated decisions.  

What happens if you’re thinking about making a move to a new city?   How can you easily compare your current location to a new place that you are thinking of  calling home? Just one of the many services that Moving For Love offers is to provide you with a detailed cost of living analysis prepared specifically for you.   Whether you are planning an upcoming move or just curious, we can get you the information you want.  

 Our Personal Move Assistant will prepare you a personalized Cost of Living Analysis for anywhere in the United States.  Just send your name, email address and phone number with your originating city and state along with the destination city and state to   Who knows, this could be the beginning step to a big move.


Golden Girls

A few months ago I stopped by an open house and chatted with the Sibcy Cline Realtor who was hosting it.  It was a ranch home and I asked about the interest in the property.  She said  three women had come through all of whom were widowed and were seriously considering buying the property together.  I was very intrigued by the idea and naturally scenes from the sitcom, Golden Girls came rushing through my mind.  What a great idea!  Fast forward, the house sold and closed to other buyers but I kept thinking these women may have been on to something…

Playing catch up on my reading of The Week Magazine,  the July 25th issue published an article entitled, “Retirement: A roommate for your golden years”.   It was a great article outlining the benefits and risks associated with purchasing a property and co-cohabiting.   The housing industry is always tracking renters vs. homeowners, generational buying habits, and all sorts of other indicators that have an impact on buying behavior.  I think it will be very interesting to see how much traction there may be with the benefits of combined purchasing power and companionship as we age.

We always talk about moving for love of a person, place or lifestyle and this is a great example of people moving for an independent lifestyle with dependability of roommates.   Perhaps life is truly imitating art and the Golden Girls were ahead of their time.

What’s Your Handicap?

I have decided that I better step up my golfing wardrobe and live by the motto if I cannot play the part at least I can dress it!  When someone asks me what my golfing handicap is I reply, “it’s my game”.   I cannot encourage our children to play enough.  Golf is a sport you can play for a lifetime.  You don’t hear of many concussions on the course or people retiring because of injuries or being too old to play.  The older you get, the shorter you hit the ball, the longer it takes to finish and guess what… the older you get the more time you have.  It is actually a sport that works timing wise with whatever age you are.

So how do you leverage your handicap?  If you are in a hurry and a lousy player like me…. you play with people that you want to spend time with who are happy to be outdoors and enjoy the social aspect of the game.  If you are an excellent player… you play with people who enjoy being outdoors and the sport and competition of the game… Golf offers something for every level of player including frustration because let’s face it even the best of players have off days, but that little white ball we chase usually calls us back to the course regardless of the score we post.

If you feel like you are chasing your dreams and never quite making it to the pin maybe you should consider where you are living.  Are you in a location that is allowing you to pursue your passions?  If you have to stop and think about it perhaps it is time to explore your options and see what lies ahead for you.

Most Environmentally Friendly Cities in the US

RelocatingSome of us relocate for love … and that love can extend to the love of the Earth. If your relocation plans include a focus on sustainability and eco-awareness, you can find environmentally friendly cities in every corner of the US.

Rankings and criteria vary for the title of “most environmentally friendly,” but one city tops every chart, and several others consistently make the best-of lists.

The greenest city we know … Portland, OR

Ok, so Portlandia tweaks the city’s hip, artesian reputation. But there’s no arguing the features that got Portland hailed as the greenest city in the US. There, “Every day feels like Earth Day,” says Travel & Leisure. About a quarter of the residents commute by bike, carpool or public transportation, the town boasts 175 LEED buildings, the highest number per capita of any US city, and Portland uses 33% renewable energy (compared to just 13% average nationwide).

In fact, the Pacific Northwest as a whole is quite the green-leaning region. San Francisco (the first city to ban plastic grocery bags) and Seattle (tops in “green” buildings) are highly ranked in most surveys.

Other eco-friendly cities

New York City. What? Crowded, noisy, taxi-honking New York City? Yes, Manhattan and its environs does make the lists as an environmentally aware city. In a Popular Science survey, NYC beat Ann Arbor and Anchorage for top marks in public transportation use, and the city is also making waves in green electricity, harnessing the tides of the East River to power underwater turbines.

Savannah. Romantic Savannah, Georgia, tops Travel & Leisure’s list for parks and walkable streets. But the city leaders want to take it a step further. “Savannah wants to be the greenest city in the state of Georgia,” said a leader of the Savannah International Clean Energy Conference. The message is going out straight to the people: reduce, reuse, recycle.

4 Things you May Not Know about Relocating

Moving_GuideMoving is a huge task to undertake, and one that can very easily go badly. Not being properly prepared for this major project will make you miserable and frustrated quickly. Our home relocation services will demystify the experience for you and help make these four unknown areas involved with moving a breeze.

1. How To Relocate Pets

Whether Fluffy is a dog, cat, lizard, or pig, he’s got to get from the old home to the new one safely. How will he travel? What should you do with him while loading up? What different vaccinations might he need? Our professional home relocation services arrange for Fluffy to make it to your new location and we also do all the research required for that to happen efficiently.

2. What It Takes To Buy or Sell A House

Realtors, professional services, title checks, home inspections, and mortgage help or payoff arrangements are complex to organize, especially when you have to buy AND sell a home to make your move happen. What neighborhood should you choose? How do you find service providers you trust? Our relocation experts will help you line up everything you need for both sides of this process to work well and efficiently without you attaining a giant headache.

3. Expense of Moving

Depending upon the complexity and size of your move, things can easily become very costly and you may not realize just how quickly it can add up. Moves can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and the options for moving aren’t always easy to interpret. Our home relocation services will provide quotes and guidance on choosing the perfect moving package made just for you.

4. What To Do With All This Stuff

Possibly the worst part about moving is packing up 10 years worth of a household. You may wish to ruthlessly sell, trash, or donate much of the house’s contents, have someone else pack it up for you, or move everything from A to Z. Your relocation expert will help you make an informed decision on what to do.

Moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare, with the right help it will be easy to keep everything on track and on schedule. Follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!

Let’s Talk


First admission…. I am a talker.  Second admission…. Silence can make me uncomfortable.  There are times when I walk in the office and while there are many people here typing away there are times when it is eerily quiet.  I understand that there are times when we need things in writing, especially in our litigious society but certainly not all of the time.  I am commonly know to make announcements to pick up the phone and call someone.. anyone.  Like most of you, there is no greater feeling than validation.  Last week the Wall Street Journal published an article, Bosses Say “Pick Up the Phone” and I loved it!

Almost everything we do in our housing related business involves relationships.   As a matter of fact, most businesses are built, maintained and grown through relationships.  Relationships develop through communication, verbal as well as non-verbal. While I am a proponent of quick email messages, quicker text messages, fast peeks on social media,  I stand firm that absolutely nothing replaces a good conversation face to face or even on the telephone.  Tone of voice and emotion are so insightful and help guide the conversation in so many ways.

If you are looking for someone to talk with about the idea of moving for whatever reasons you may have please give us a call, (866)437-9701 and let’s see what we cannot do to make it happen for you.

Relocation Guide: Success in the Suburbs

Relocation_TipsAh, the suburbs. They’re still thriving hubs of American growth and commerce. If you’ve gotten a new job and are relocating, chances are you’re going to end up in the suburbs. After all, downtown pads are just so expensive these days!

So, if you find yourself heading for suburbia, we’ve put together a quick relocating guide to help you make the most of it!

Relocating Guide: Making The Best Of The Burbs

  • Consider your commute time and distance: If you’re moving to the suburbs for a job, this should be one of your top considerations. You want a location that’s hopefully near a major highway or other direct route towards your job. The last thing you want is to be stuck with is a long drive through 30 MPH residential streets – it burns gas like crazy and wastes your time.
  • Research the local homeowner’s association: In most, but not all, communities there is likely to be a homeowner’s association that maintains standards for maintenance and care of your property. Be careful not to get in over your head if the local association has standards you can’t afford to meet. This can be an expensive surprise if you haven’t done your homework.
  • Look for public transit options: In many metro areas, there are bus and rail lines that go far out into the suburbs and beyond. The Chicagoland area rail, for example, extends for two hours outside the city, nearly to Rockford! Relocating yourself near a public transit station can save you a lot of money on gas, as well as making your morning commute far less stressful.
  • Meet the neighbors: It’s unfortunate that people don’t get out to meet their neighbors, but don’t let that stop you! Throw a barbecue, or at least try to meet and greet people on the streets as you’re walking around. You’ll make friends and learn a lot about the area that way!

No matter where your path in life takes you, follow your heart! Relocation is fun and exciting, and we’re here to help pave the way to your future happiness!