Tips for Relocating without a Job

Moving is a big deal itself, let alone when it is a considerable distance and there are job worries to think about. Sometimes the urge to escape is so strong that you simply cannot wait until all the stars have aligned and the situation is perfect. Here are some ways to manage your relocation costs and get established when you don’t have a job waiting for you.


Without job arrangements, moving can be terrifying. Build up your savings as much as you can, which you might need to be creative on if you don’t have much wiggle in your budget. Look around at the items you own and decide what can be sold. Extra clothes can be sold or consigned (especially if you are moving to a different climate), as well as electronics and furniture. Selling extra furniture also keeps your relocation costs down since you can get away with smaller trucks and less help.

Move Efficiently

Moving is a huge challenge, especially when you aren’t set up at your new destination. This is where a personal move assistant can be priceless. Save time and frustration by getting professional help to organize all of the various pieces of relocation. Your move assistant can help you find a new place to live, ship all of your worldly belongings, sell your home if needed, provide you with cost of living comparisons, and generally save you a ton of hassle and aggravation.


At your destination, get a head start on making friends by joining virtual groups with common interests. A young professional’s group could be just the key to finding social events or even jobs. Starting to network before you move means less time playing catch-up later, and a good running start at a support system where you’re heading. You may even find yourself a roommate through this avenue.

Moving without a job offer can be a little terrifying, but being prepared and efficient will help you manage your relocation costs and survive while you find your perfect job. Follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!


3 Benefits of a Personal Move Assistant

Relocation_ServicesNo matter the distance you are moving, getting all of your stuff from point A to point B can be a struggle, and figuring out where to live in your new destination might feel overwhelming. There is certainly a lot to consider in the relocation process, which is why professional relocation services are such a relief.

Less Hassle

Selling your house, packing your things, finding a new place to live, and about eight million other tasks will be on your list before your move is complete. Phone calls, online research, and booking services all take valuable time away from your work and home life. Letting someone else handle all the small details will save you loads of aggravation and time while you focus on the big picture of networking and making connections in your new digs.

Expert Care

When organizing a big move, how do you know which movers to hire? Who can you trust to safely transport your most prized possessions? What is the best strategy for selling your house and who do you talk to about buying one in your new city, or finding a great apartment? What is the cost of living in your new area compared to where you’ve been? Your professional relocation services representative will find you the best qualified help for all of these areas, plus provide valuable research when needed. Your move will go smoothly and efficiently, and before you know it you’ll be having a barbecue at your new home.

Details, Details, Details

That aforementioned task list is at least a mile long, and more than likely incomplete. Put your move in the hands of an expert in professional relocation services, who will consider every aspect of your move and provide you with comprehensive care. There will be little left to worry about and nothing will be missed, since your representative is trained in all details large and small.

Your focus during a move should be on your new life, not on the process of getting where you need to be. Follow your heart. We’ll pave the way!

Tips to Reduce Stress Before the Big Move

Relocation_TipsOne of the first and earliest challenges for plenty of new couples is Moving Day. As much as we love the idea of following our hearts to wherever they take us, no one enjoys the stress of the actual move.

Here’s some relocation help and advice we’ve picked up over the years that can help you make your next move a calm and smooth experience.

Take It Slowly

Most of the time, when you’re relocating, you know weeks or months in advance. That gives you plenty of time to start planning and packing non-essential items early on.

A few tips:

  • Most of your media collection can likely be boxed up early on.
  • Fragile hanging decorations like paintings should come down early, to ensure proper packing.
  • Clear out the kitchen of everything but the cooking basics.
  • Try simply cleaning out a room in a day. Strip it of everything but what you need to survive, and then its mostly done. It’ll be a snap to finish on moving day.

Get Rid Of What You Can

The less you take with you, the better. Consider the possibility of selling or giving away your current furniture, and buying new pieces at the other end. If you don’t have too many expensive pieces, you may end up paying more in shipping than it would cost to replace, plus the time and effort of moving.

Also, now’s the perfect time to clear out your closet and send what you can to thrift stores. And why not get creative with your cooking? Anything you don’t eat is going to go to waste, so make yourself some nice meals as a reward for hard work!

Save Money And Effort By Shipping Your Media Separately

Here’s one a lot of people won’t think to mention when they’re giving you relocation help and advice: The US Postal Service has a little-known service called “Media Mail” which will ship large boxes of books, CDs, video games, magazines, and any other printed or electronic media for 4th Class rates. If you have a large collection, this is by far the cheapest way to ship them.

The down side is, it takes about a month for them to arrive at their destination, and they’ll trickle in over the course of a week or two. However, that’s more stuff you don’t have to deal with on moving day, and it’s also easier to deal with just a few boxes at a time.

If All Else Fails, Get Help!

Services exist that can get you all the relocation help you need to get your move done on time, and without pulling your hair out! From helping you do the initial legwork on choosing a location, to organizing the move, to even setting up temporary housing at the other end – a good relocation service can virtually eliminate the stresses associated with moving.

No matter where you’re going, follow your heart and we’ll pave the way.

5 Things to Discuss Before Moving in Together

Moving_TipsTake it from someone who’s been there: Meeting someone online and making that romantic connection is a wonderful feeling… but eventually, practical reality is going to kick in and you’re going to find yourself facing questions that may not have straightforward answers.

So, to go along with other relocating tips you might have picked up, we’ve put together our suggestions for the top things you should discuss with your new special someone before you move in.

Relocating Tips: The Five Questions You Should Ask

  1. Whose money goes where? Look, no one LIKES talking about financial stuff, especially since it can turn into a deal-breaker in new relationships. However, the time to find this out is before a move. Are you going to pool your funds? Stay separate? Who’s paying for all this? Does one of you have outstanding obligations, like (p)alimony, that could become an issue? These need to be put on the table ahead of time.
  2. What’s your taste in home décor? He’s deco, she’s nouveau. Oh no! After all, your choice of home is going to be partially determined by your tastes. But, hopefully you can have fun answering this question instead! Go eclectic, and look into the shopping options in your new home town. Now, if he’s dead-set on rustic, it might be time to explore compromises.
  3. Who’s moving? This is the really tricky one for long-distance relationships. For it to work, someone is going to have to move, and that potentially means sacrificing, or at least sidelining, a career. Our advice is to follow the money on this one. Unless someone’s heart is truly set, move where the best career is. Or, of course, you could both move! That’s what we did. If neither of you is particularly happy with your job status, here’s your chance to truly start over!
  4. When are we doing it? This one’s on most lists of relocating tips, but it’s worth mentioning here because timing can be interesting when you’re dealing with a long-distance relationship. Very often, there’s no deadline, aside from how long you can bear to be apart. Think about how seasons will affect the move, and whether it’s better to wait or move sooner.
  5. How will the move be done? The move itself, of course, can be tremendously stressful. You might be able to leave some furniture behind, but it’s still a huge pain. Of course, you could also hire relocation assistance to help with your move! Specialists can take care of everything from helping you find the right place to live, to unpacking the van at the other end.

Moving for love is an amazing adventure, and probably one of the greatest things you’ll ever do. Just remember that the more you talk things out with your new love in advance, the more smoothly everything will go when the move finally comes.

Your new life can get off to a perfect start with a little preparation, and maybe a little help!

Guide for Relocating to a Small Town

Even as the cities boom, some people still hear the call of nature. Whether it’s the idea of clean air, quiet nights with bright stars, the slower pace of life, or just a desire to get away from it all… There’s still a lot to be said for country living!

We’ve put together a guide with relocation assistance for people looking to move towards the country.  Here are a few tips to help your move to the country be as smooth and rewarding as you could hope!

Relocation Assistance For Moving To A Small Town

Leave Extra Time: When planning your move, the further you’re going to end up from an Interstate, the more extra time you should add to whatever your GPS says. Rural roads are far more subject to random occurrences, from floods to large cattle migrations. If a road is out, an alternate route will likely take you miles out of your way. So, make sure to leave plenty of breathing room on your planning.

Look for Growth: Across the Midwest, small towns are consolidating. What you generally tend to find are hub towns of a few thousand people, surrounded by smaller villages of 100-1000 people for miles around. These hub towns are usually the best for those looking to move into rural life – they’re far out in the country, but they’ll still have all the services you need and a small range of stores.


Join the Local Culture: Local events like parades and farm shows are a major part of rural life. Take part! It’s a great way to meet people and show that you’re looking to be a friendly face around town. These gatherings are also great for learning more about local history and what makes farms in the area unique.

Show Your DIY Side: Small town life can quickly break you of wasteful big city habits! Being far away from a lot of services means you’ll save a lot of money, fast, if you learn do to some of your own home and car maintenance. Brush up on basic plumbing and wiring, learn to change your oil and tires, and invest in a good set of tools before you leave.

Speaking of which… Here’s one important relocation assistance tip:

Get A Reliable Car: Public transportation is rare-to-nonexistent in small towns, and even the smallest townships are often many miles apart. A car you can trust is a requirement in rural America, far more than in the cities and suburbs. A roadside breakdown could leave you stranded for hours, even if you have a cellphone. (Which, remember, may not work in the countryside.) Get your car fixed up before you leave town.

If there’s any other way we can help make your move easier, just give us a shout! If you follow your heart, we’ll pave the way.

How to Go Home Again – Relocating (Back) to Your Hometown

According to a December 2008 Pew Research Center report on American mobility, four in ten adults who identify somewhere else as “home” – as in hometown – chose relocation there.

Of course, late 2008 also marked a dramatic swing in the U.S. economy; the height of a massive recession and the resulting job losses made even the most vagabond adult think twice about renewing those old hometown ties.

Between 2007 and 2010, as the U.S. Census noted, the number of adult children moving back in with their parents increased from 1.2 million to 15.8 million, with adults age 25 to 34 leading the way.

With the economy still volatile in 2013, and the stigma removed from “going home,” is it time for going back home to live?

At least consider these possible relocation benefits:

You may sleep better!

If your immediate family, relatives or childhood friends still reside in your hometown, think of them as a support system — a safety net of sorts to help you through the small issues and big crises that happen in every life. And that sense of support goes both ways: they feel the same sense of security knowing you’re there.


You may rekindle a passion!

“I wonder what it would be like if we all became what we wanted to be when we grew up,” Lily Tomlin famously remarked. “Imagine a world filled with nothing but firemen, cowboys, nurses, and ballerinas.”

Your hometown is where your dreams were born – just recall the plans you made as a kid, hanging out with your friends or family members. Your hometown is where you can bounce ideas off people (face to face, like in the pre-Facebook days) and get immediate feedback from the folks who know you best. Whether you’re just starting out in the working world or headed toward retirement, you may find your hometown the place to rekindle those early passions.

You may enjoy a renewed sense of place!

Your travels may have taken you to big cities or remote rural areas, but there’s truly “no place like home” to give you the feeling of being grounded – of belonging somewhere. If you’re contemplating your next career move or making a new start after a divorce, having the stabilizing influence of a familiar place takes some of the mental pressure off.

Relocation to your hometown is like an “exhale” for your psyche – it can help you make better-thought-out decisions.

You may find lasting love!

It’s no coincidence that books and movies have celebrated the “boy or girl next door” as the ideal love match. Psychology Today contributor T. Byram Karasu, M.D., termed hometown ties, perhaps puckishly, as your “tribe.” And while meeting people from different places lends an air of excitement, “marrying the girl or boy next door is one of the most reliable indices for the continuity of spiritual homes,” as Dr. Karasu put it. “Having common mores, ethics, rituals, and a sense of oneness will simplify your life and make it joyful.”

Follow your heart. We’ll pave the way

Hometown relocation can be a big step, but it needn’t be a stressful one. Find out how we make moving easier – so you can get on with the important things in life.

Do people really move for love?

As the inaugural article for Moving For Love, I wanted to explain exactly how this service and website came to life. About six years ago, as the online dating scene really began to explode I started thinking about people who may be seeking love with no care about the distance.

Certainly, long distance relationships are nothing new. But in this new world more people were making that connection online. So there may not be a worry as to where they live as long as a connection was being made. If they found love and it happens to be across the state, nation or globe I started wondering how these couples would ultimately end up together and what we could do to help.

So I did a little research and saw there wasn’t a lot of information that existed. But interestingly enough through a search I came upon the book, My Life From Scratch. It was a story about Sandra Bullock’s sister, Gesine Bullock-Prado and how she ultimately made the decision to leave Hollywood and pursue her personal passion of baking in Vermont with her husband. As I finished the book, I started thinking about how many people have decided over the years to throw in the towel and go for their dream. Heck, there are countless movies about people doing exactly that.

The first one that came to mind was from my childhood, Snowball Express, the guy inherits a dilapidated hotel that hasn’t been open for years. Just the idea of punching the time clock for the last time was enough for him pack up his whole family and move for love. It was a darling movie from the 70’s. Decades later the theme is alive and well. People are still willing to move to follow their dreams and their hearts… And we hope that Moving for Love helps you do just that.