Proud to be an American



This morning I was watching a few minutes of the news before taking our kids to school.  My 8th grade daughter commented on the Speeedway commercial that shows a military father reuniting with his wife and daughter by saying “he seems so young”.   I know it is a commercial but how true a statement coming from someone younger than he.   As we pay tribute to all the men and women who have served our country and defended our freedom it is important to remember just how young many of them are as they enter the service and then the years of dedication and service many of them give to our country.  What an incredible example they provide to their children on some the founding principle’s of our great country.  We cannot underestimate the importance of recognizing what each veteran has provided for us.  Last Sunday before Mass started the priest asked all veterans in the congregation to stand and be recognized for their service.  To watch these men and women of all ages stand to applause from all around them was something special and well deserved.

So whether you are tearing up  at a commercial, humming “Proud to be American”, or attending a service to honor those who have served our country… remember we are able to freely express ourselves because of those who came before us, sit beside us and have yet to be born who have the passion and desire to protect others.

God bless them!

What’s Your Handicap?

I have decided that I better step up my golfing wardrobe and live by the motto if I cannot play the part at least I can dress it!  When someone asks me what my golfing handicap is I reply, “it’s my game”.   I cannot encourage our children to play enough.  Golf is a sport you can play for a lifetime.  You don’t hear of many concussions on the course or people retiring because of injuries or being too old to play.  The older you get, the shorter you hit the ball, the longer it takes to finish and guess what… the older you get the more time you have.  It is actually a sport that works timing wise with whatever age you are.

So how do you leverage your handicap?  If you are in a hurry and a lousy player like me…. you play with people that you want to spend time with who are happy to be outdoors and enjoy the social aspect of the game.  If you are an excellent player… you play with people who enjoy being outdoors and the sport and competition of the game… Golf offers something for every level of player including frustration because let’s face it even the best of players have off days, but that little white ball we chase usually calls us back to the course regardless of the score we post.

If you feel like you are chasing your dreams and never quite making it to the pin maybe you should consider where you are living.  Are you in a location that is allowing you to pursue your passions?  If you have to stop and think about it perhaps it is time to explore your options and see what lies ahead for you.

If your life was movie…

photoMerry Christmas!  I hope that everyone is enjoying a day of family, friends, and all that the holiday brings.  I love the build up to Christmas, all of the parties, the gift gathering and exchanging, baking and of course the holiday movies.  Some of my favorites are Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Home Alone and Christmas with the Kranks.  I think we can all see ourselves reflected in some way in these movies whether it is the pure comedy of family, work situations, forgetting something or someone, meals gone amiss or plans gone awry.  I hope that like these movies you are able to enjoy the comedy that can arise from our lives and that if the camera’s were rolling you would be able to see humor in some of the experiences you’ve no doubt had this year.  Enjoy, laugh at yourself and end the year in good humor.


Is Education Timeless?

Education is on my mind of late.   I seem to be surrounded by it this week between conferences for my children,  a school board meeting, a visit and meeting at my alma mater, Miami University, and yesterday being election day with school levies on ballots across the country.  Lest I think I am exempt as a student,  I should throw in that I took both an in-class continuing education course on Fair Housing in Real Estate as well as an online continuing education class on becoming a “green” Realtor within the past week.   I have learned a lot in a short period of time this week.  During my life,  I certainly have gained an appreciation and understanding that as we age we are always either in a state of educating or being educated.  If we are truthful we will acknowledge that we learn from people of all ages and walks of life.

Recognizing which role you are playing isn’t always easy to decipher.  Have you ever entered a situation where you think you are going to help someone, maybe “enlighten” them on how to do something or say something and by the time the conversation is over you realize that you are not the only one walking away with a new idea or approach?  At what age does this realization occur?  If you can recall your preteen years or if you are living with a preteen or teenager now you realize that there is nothing you could possibly teach them.  Is it in our twenties, thirties or beyond when we wake up and realize that learning is never boring, that we can teach and be taught at the same time?  Maybe you’ve never stopped to identify when this tipping point happened to you.   I am not sure that I can pinpoint the event or time that it happened to me but I can tell you that my experiences and conversations this week have reinforced the fact that I am always learning and that the gift of an education sometimes comes in unexpected ways we just need to be open to receiving it.

Let’s Talk


First admission…. I am a talker.  Second admission…. Silence can make me uncomfortable.  There are times when I walk in the office and while there are many people here typing away there are times when it is eerily quiet.  I understand that there are times when we need things in writing, especially in our litigious society but certainly not all of the time.  I am commonly know to make announcements to pick up the phone and call someone.. anyone.  Like most of you, there is no greater feeling than validation.  Last week the Wall Street Journal published an article, Bosses Say “Pick Up the Phone” and I loved it!

Almost everything we do in our housing related business involves relationships.   As a matter of fact, most businesses are built, maintained and grown through relationships.  Relationships develop through communication, verbal as well as non-verbal. While I am a proponent of quick email messages, quicker text messages, fast peeks on social media,  I stand firm that absolutely nothing replaces a good conversation face to face or even on the telephone.  Tone of voice and emotion are so insightful and help guide the conversation in so many ways.

If you are looking for someone to talk with about the idea of moving for whatever reasons you may have please give us a call, (866)437-9701 and let’s see what we cannot do to make it happen for you.