What’s Your Handicap?

I have decided that I better step up my golfing wardrobe and live by the motto if I cannot play the part at least I can dress it!  When someone asks me what my golfing handicap is I reply, “it’s my game”.   I cannot encourage our children to play enough.  Golf is a sport you can play for a lifetime.  You don’t hear of many concussions on the course or people retiring because of injuries or being too old to play.  The older you get, the shorter you hit the ball, the longer it takes to finish and guess what… the older you get the more time you have.  It is actually a sport that works timing wise with whatever age you are.

So how do you leverage your handicap?  If you are in a hurry and a lousy player like me…. you play with people that you want to spend time with who are happy to be outdoors and enjoy the social aspect of the game.  If you are an excellent player… you play with people who enjoy being outdoors and the sport and competition of the game… Golf offers something for every level of player including frustration because let’s face it even the best of players have off days, but that little white ball we chase usually calls us back to the course regardless of the score we post.

If you feel like you are chasing your dreams and never quite making it to the pin maybe you should consider where you are living.  Are you in a location that is allowing you to pursue your passions?  If you have to stop and think about it perhaps it is time to explore your options and see what lies ahead for you.

Why do we love summer camps more than ever?

“Hello mother…. hello father…greetings from camp fill in the blank… there is no greater anticipation than a letter from a child at camp.  In this world of over programmed, plug-in lives we Summer Camp all lead, summer camp is a throw back to digitless era that we all want our children to experience.  Many an article has been written on it including this one last year that I particularly enjoyed.  Our 13 year old daughter went to camp this summer for two weeks in June.  She absolutely loved it and I loved that she was unplugged from everything including us!  While the camp posted pictures online so you could at least see your children, the only method of communication was written and I became the child racing to the mailbox hoping to get a letter.

What made camp so great was that she got to experience and enjoy having fun outdoors, making new friends face to face, whispering past lights out in the cabin and trying new things.  Camp may be a great American past-time with a thriving future even for adults.    Not only does camp bring back memories of childhood it signifies a break from the pace and demands of our always connected lives.  I think it will be fun to watch how camps thrive in the future.  They epitomize the fact that the more things change and progress the greater sense of nostalgia we have for the way things were even though we race to keep up technologically and make sure we have the latest and greatest.  I guess it is the ying-yang of modern day living.

What are your thoughts?  Did you go to camp as a child?  Would you like to go to camp as an adult if given the opportunity?

Maybe you want to unplug for longer than summer camp.  Perhaps it is a lifestyle you’d like to live permanently.  If so, let us help you move for love and pursue your dreams.


Are you a candidate for unretirement? …

PhotographerI read a great article in the June 20th edition of The Week magazine entitled, “Retirement: Redefining your golden years”.  With so many people living longer and remaining healthy it is no wonder that they are not looking to slow down or entirely check out so soon.  Not everyone wants to go from the hustle and bustle of family and career to a standstill.  If retirement is about lifestyle, then it is arguably about your pace of life as well.  Just because you are ready to hang up the stress and pace of  the career you’ve worked so hard to build doesn’t mean you wouldn’t love to have job that acts more as a hobby.

When we started building Moving For Love our initial thought was to help people who met online where distance is nothing but as their relationships developed they realized the challenges associated with their distance.  There is clearly and demand and market for that audience.  There is also an audience of those seeking “unretirment”.  Perhaps the part-time job teaching yoga, painting, acting as starter at a golf course, or working as a guide on the mountain slope… you fill in the bank.  If stereotypes hold true, it is has been a long time since these people have moved let alone ever considered a relocation.  The fun part about starting a company is when your idea appeals to more audiences than you ever intended.  If you are dating online, nearing retirement age or seeking a slower paced next career, or just ready for a change of scenery then let our personal move coordinator help you.

What is your travel line?

USA_MapLast week I had dinner with a friend who was talking about her dad’s philosophy that everything he needs or wants is within an hour east or west of I-75.  I’ve been thinking about his proclamation and you know what…. Good for him.  We talk about having roots, sometimes they are deep sometimes we pull them up and replant in new locations but I’ve never thought about an atlas approach to the roots we plant.  This man enjoys summers in Michigan, winters in Florida and time between in Cincinnati.  If you look at the map, indeed he is always right along I-75 and actually could make a ton of stops hitting many of our countries most visited sites and still stay within an hour east or west of the highway.

What is your roadmap?  Do you have one?  Some of us pride ourselves on dropping travel pins all over the globe and I venture to guess some of you take pride in having permanent addresses all over the map as well.  The options are endless but we should all probably have our route mapped out either short term or long term.  If you haven’t stopped to look at where you’ve been and where you are headed this is a great time to sit down and analyze it.  We might be surprised to know that we don’t need to venture much further than my friends dad to be completely satisfied in our lives.

If you evaluate your personal atlas and would like help making that next move or perhaps you are fortunate enough to pick a second address to call home our personal move assistants would love to help you.


Outta Here!


Baseball is a great metaphor to life.  While it is a team sport it relies heavily on individual performance.  You only get some many times “at bat” so you need to make them count.  Think of all the analogies you can make in your personal and professional life about striking out, home runs, out of the park or sometimes just a single or even a RBI.  This is a great time of year to reflect on how well positioned you are for your at bat opportunity.  Is the field wide open for you or are you aiming for that small window in the outfield?  Enough with the baseball you say…. let me rephrase then, are you satisfied with your recent successes or performances or are you laser focused on one goal?    If you are focused on one goal then what can the team do to help you achieve success on whatever “field” you are playing?    Our Personal Move Assistants are here to make any relocation whether for work or personal reasons as seamless and “error” free as possible.  Let us join your roster and help.



Memorial Day Traditions

flag On Monday we celebrate Memorial Day and honor the veterans who have protected the freedoms of all Americans.  I will be taking our kids to Armstrong Chapel for their 136th celebration of those residents of our community who fought in any war dating back as far as the War of 1812.  It is a great ceremony and wonderful way for my children to understand or at least hear the stories and see the families who live right around us whose lives were changed forever to protect us.  I always leave there wanting to belt out Lee Greenwood’s, Proud to Be An American  and more importantly I hope that I’m instilling that feeling in my 10 and 13 year old as well. Take this weekend to honor those who have served and reflect on your own personal passions and pride.   If you aren’t feeling strongly about where they lie and relocating could help we can pave the way for you to live where you have the greatest sense of personal pride and fulfillment.

Don’t be


According to Webster, the definition of adverb “too” is, in addition: more than what is wanted, needed, acceptable, possible, etc.: to a high degree or extent : very or extremely.

So here is my question, “how often do you use the word too?”  If I honestly reflect on this month to date I have used or thought to use the word more than I would like to admit.  You can fill in the blanks on what too is describing but I assure it isn’t “bored.”  So just in case you’ve used it to perhaps say you are too busy to read the paper I would like to share an apropos article from the Wall Street Journal this morning,  “Are You Too Busy?”    It is a fabulous article and I am glad I took the time to read it.  Being a positive person, I found validation of one of my mantras which is put it on the calendar.  I keep separate Outlook calendars for myself as well as my kids and their activities so with the push of a button I can see the whole picture of my world and it’s daily activities.  This takes times and sometimes seems overboard but I have found it to be a huge management and balancing tool for me.   I know that I’ve written about calendars before but I feel strongly that when are scales are tipping toward too much on the meter a calendar is a great dose of reality and perspective on whether or not we should say yes on impulse or stop and look at what our schedule is before committing.  That was my takeaway and I would be curious to know what yours was so please share.

At Moving For Love, we  know that you can be too busy, too nervous, too unsure, too overwhelmed to think about relocating for the love of a person, place or thing.   Here is the good news, we aren’t too busy to help, we aren’t too busy to research, plan, schedule and coordinate.  You just need to add us to your calendar and take the time for that first call.


Plan B

compassThis morning the Wall Street Journal featured a story, “When Your Dream Job Disappoints, How to Find Plan B“.  I highly encourage you to read it.   While it tackles major job and financial decisions, I think it also reminds us that Plan B may be more common than we think.  I am the worst at getting an image in my head of how the meeting will go, what the dinner will be like,  how the project will be completed, you can fill in one hundred scenario’s and I can paint the fabled outcome in my mind.  What happens when the finished product or the rear view mirror reflect something different?  In my case sometimes disappointment and sometimes the finished product goes from being a conjured plan A to a very picturesque plan B.  We (me) often underestimate the positive outcomes from Plan B when we get stuck on the original image.   At Moving For Love, our goal is help you paint that picture by providing the “numbers” as you go along.  Your journey may begin by meeting someone special or finding a dream job and immediately you set your sights on their location but what if during a discovery process you find out that your dream partner has always wanted to move West for example or what if your dream job wants you to interview in a big city but is more than happy for you to work remotely?  These what if’s could have major implications that may take you down a path that leads to more of an ideal situation than you ever imagined.  It all starts by verbalizing those thoughts and dreams to yourself and to those like us who can help you.  The more you talk about your situation often times the more clear and focused your direction can become.  As my fourth grader recently explained magnetism and the calibration of a compass I urge you to validate and reaffirm the direction of your life compass.



Living and Living Well


Country Music CityThis past weekend,  the 49th Academy of Country Music Awards took place.   My daughter and I watched since I love country music and now there is so much cross over between country and top 40 hits that she too enjoys some of it.  George Strait was awarded Entertainer of the Year.  I really like his music and one song in particular is very well aligned with Moving For Love, “Living and Living Well“.  If you haven’t heard it then I highly recommend you listen to the song.  The message is simple like most country songs but the refrain goes like this, “There’s a difference in living and living well, you can’t have it all, all by yourself, something’s always missing, ’til you share it with someone else, there’s a difference in living and living well.”

When we expanded our services beyond corporate relocation we did it to help serve the market of individuals seeking help in moving to closer to a person, place or lifestyle they desired.  It has been very rewarding to help the bridge the gap in the words of George Strait from living to living well.

If you are ready to make that leap call us and let us help it become a reality.

What Can Sun Do For You?


I realize that UPS has coined the phrase, “What can brown do for you?” but I would like to rephrase and ask what can sun do for you?  As I have mentioned in the past, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and like most of the nation we have endured a brutally cold winter.  There are not enough clothes, boots, gloves, and hats to feel toasty this year.  Last weekend, I had the luxury of flying 2 hours south to Miami/South Beach.   We took off and it was 2 degrees and we landed and it was 80 degrees.  It seems unfathomable that in such a short time we were able to gain 78 degrees and actually feel warm.  If you’ve never been to South Beach it is an urban/international melting pot of all ages and was very crowded. I am sure there was a mix of residents, business travelers, and lot of northerners like us on a pilgrimage of sorts for sun and heat.  It certainly delivered just that.  As I was zipping my boots getting bundled to return home I looked out the window and thought about the lifestyle and warmth just below on the sidewalk.    It is very easy to understand how Florida’s population has grown not only with snow birds but younger people as well.  To be able to be outside year round and enjoy the lifestyle that provides is enviable.  If you feel like this winter has been too long for you, and you are entertaining moving for love of warmth, sunshine and outdoor living then let us help you.