City Life – Relocating to a Downtown Urban Market

Relocation_TipsIt’s a cliché as old as literature – someone moving into the heart of a thriving city after gazing at it from afar, be it from the farms or the suburbs. Cities seem a bit magical when viewed from outside, and they draw in so many who are all chasing dreams. Every day, people around the globe flew into the cities hoping to find something new. Something different. Something that completes them.

And you know what? Plenty of those who go chasing their dreams in The Big City do achieve them, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

However, the reality of city life is different, and anyone who’s contemplating a move would be wise to look for some relocating tips. Cities also have a habit of beating down people who go in unprepared. The more you know going in, the better your chances are of finding the success you want!

Relocating Tips For Moving Into The Heart of a City

  1. Research your neighborhoods. Every neighborhood in a city has its own story to tell, and living there will tell people something about you as well. When you’re looking to move, don’t base it solely on statistics like housing prices and local school rankings. While not all big city neighborhoods are as famous as Harlem or Haight-Ashbury, they all have personality and character. You’ll be happier if you find one that matches your own life.
  2. Consider how you’ll get around. For many, one of the best things about living in a downtown area is the possibility of leaving your car behind. Look carefully at locations and how close they are to public transportation sources. Driving in metro areas can be challenging, especially in dense urban environments. Avoid it if possible, or look at buying a bicycle!
  3. Look like you have a purpose. If there are any of these relocation tips I would say is most important, it’s this: Your life in the city will be far easier if you always look like you have a purpose. Walk with intent. Save the moseying and meandering to those who’ve been in town for a while. Learn the map of the local area without keeping it in your bag. While you’re getting settled in, you’ll save yourself headaches and hassles if you simply do your best to not look like you’re confused! Sad to say, any city has its share of ne’er-do-wells who happily prey on the confused.
  4. Get help from friendly locals. While sometimes one does find themselves in a city with no contacts whatsoever – I’ve done it – more often than not, you’ve already got a reason for being there. Whether it’s for work or love or art or whatever else has drawn you in, make friendly connections as quickly as you can. Hit them up for advice. If you’re moving for a job, see if your employer has any programs to help ease the transition. Social media is, of course, great for this as well.
  5. Try to forget your preconceptions. Whenever you make a big move anywhere, but especially into a city from anywhere else, you will sink or swim based on your ability to truly accept that things are going to be different. Be willing to unlearn what you have learned and do as the Romans do, as they say. Be adaptable, and look first to fit in with your new neighbors.

Moving into a downtown area is an exhilarating experience, and it has been the springboard of many a dream. Just look for all the relocating tips you can find, keep your brain engaged, and follow your heart!

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