City of Love




Having just returned from Paris I must agree that is aptly given the title the City of Love.   The rich history, the culture, the dramatic backgrounds, the 37 bridges, the language, the food, the views…. I could go on and on but needless to say I certainly fell in love with it.  Every street was a new avenue to explore and never was I disappointed.  What was beautiful by day was exquisite by night.  I also read Paris by Edward Rutherford while I was there and it made me all the more intrigued with the sites I saw.  I could imagine Ernest Hemingway sitting at Cafe Flore and Coco Chanel on the Vendome.

While sitting in a cafe one I day I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this quote by her which was appropriately propped up on the bar.   I am not sure if a sentiment could be more French than this and I thought it was great.

Whether you have been to Paris or just dream of it, whether you are in love or not, may your glass be filled with the bubbles of life and the richness each experience brings.




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