Crazy Little Thing Called Love


Sometimes songs just pop in my head, what about you?     Recently I  serenaded a co-worker for his birthday after which he offered to chip in for voice lessons!   So you can see why it is good that songs stay in my head and not out of my mouth.  I know that I have referenced song titles and jukeboxes in past posts but this morning the Queen song popped in my head.    Perhaps it was after asking someone about their weekend and hearing that they drove six hours on Saturday with their young kids to surprise his parents at dinner to celebrate their 40th anniversary and then drove back the next morning.  Usually we hear crazy stories about what parents will do for their children or what people will do in romantic relationships for love but it was touching to hear what a child (albeit grown) would do for their parents for love.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?  We are of the mindset that moving to be with the one you love or the place you love isn’t crazy at all so if you are considering for Moving For Love let us help.


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