Do Adults Get Butterflies?

I was in a training class this week and during one of the open forums someone posed the question, “How do we get to a point when we cannot sleep because we are so excited for the next day?” I immediately got the sensation of having butterflies as a kid and knew just what he meant. The most vivid memory would be trying to go bed Christmas Eve when the anticipation of Santa Claus was almost too much. Do we get butterflies as an adult or is that a just a euphemism for anxiety? If you’ve read anything else I’ve written you know that I am an optimist so naturally, I think we really get butterflies. My most recent feeling of them was the night before this website went live. I had butterflies even as I explained to my kids that going live means making the site active. Let me tell you, that explanation didn’t give them any anxiety or excitement but to me it was my chance to give life to an idea I’ve had for years. I think the kid in us fears rejection or failure and labeling that as butterflies is a great visual the potential that may actually result from what happens next. Butterflies are the before feeling and if they are set free the sky is the limit to the after feeling.

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