Do people really move for love?

As the inaugural article for Moving For Love, I wanted to explain exactly how this service and website came to life. About six years ago, as the online dating scene really began to explode I started thinking about people who may be seeking love with no care about the distance.

Certainly, long distance relationships are nothing new. But in this new world more people were making that connection online. So there may not be a worry as to where they live as long as a connection was being made. If they found love and it happens to be across the state, nation or globe I started wondering how these couples would ultimately end up together and what we could do to help.

So I did a little research and saw there wasn’t a lot of information that existed. But interestingly enough through a search I came upon the book, My Life From Scratch. It was a story about Sandra Bullock’s sister, Gesine Bullock-Prado and how she ultimately made the decision to leave Hollywood and pursue her personal passion of baking in Vermont with her husband. As I finished the book, I started thinking about how many people have decided over the years to throw in the towel and go for their dream. Heck, there are countless movies about people doing exactly that.

The first one that came to mind was from my childhood, Snowball Express, the guy inherits a dilapidated hotel that hasn’t been open for years. Just the idea of punching the time clock for the last time was enough for him pack up his whole family and move for love. It was a darling movie from the 70’s. Decades later the theme is alive and well. People are still willing to move to follow their dreams and their hearts… And we hope that Moving for Love helps you do just that.


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