Do You Have to Move to Follow Your Heart?

Of course you don’t. I may sound a little like the local Chamber of Commerce but I love where I live. My husband and I live less than three miles from my parents and two sets of in-laws. You would have to widen the range but not too much to include all of our siblings. I don’t have to get on the highway for my morning commute and I can back out of my garage, drop the kids off at school and be sitting at my office desk in less than thirty minutes. Did I mention that our best friends live next door and our kids are forever running back and forth? Some of you may read this with envy and others may say…. Boring. The reason I was so excited to offer this service was not to insinuate someone needs to move to be happy or follow their heart but rather to lend a hand to those who passions are leading them to move. If you are happy as a lark and living your dream wherever you happen to be reading this then I say let your roots grow deeper. If you think The Man in the Glass (one of my favorite poems) sees his reflection somewhere else then pack your bags, join the move and let’s get started.

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