Do you Lotto?

LottoThe idea of a lottery is nothing new.  Men and women have fought wars because there name/number was called, public schools often have lotteries to determine which school within the district your child will attend and most notably many states have powerball lottery drawings and if you lucky number is pulled you may be the next mega millionaire.  It’s all game of chance.  Well, a few weeks ago someone I know was in the right place at the right time and decided on a whim to buy a scratch off lottery ticket after work only to discover that ticket was worth $500,000!

We all like to ask, “what would you do if you won $_____ ” (fill in the blank).  I have done this on more than occasion and I think it is interesting that when you hear the answers most of us rattle off a few extravagant or outrageous ideas but our short list is usually something that we know we would do eventually but this just accelerates it, like paying off debt.  Our 30 year mortgage may still have twenty years to go and now poof! magically it can be gone.

Sometimes it’s not the event itself but timing of it that makes a world of difference.  If I know that my house will be paid off in 20 years and plan around that fact what doors and options open when it is paid off today?  What else can be accelerated?

According to Webster’s the definition of lottery is “any undertaking that involves chance selections…”,  don’t we experience lottery moments all of the time?

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