Does It Always Work?

Moving for love is a risk. It’s easier to stay where you are. To do nothing. To avoid making changes. To embrace the status quo. When you move for love, you’re admitting that you’re doing something difficult. Something challenging. Something that might not work out.

Of course no one can guarantee success when you try something new. Neil Armstrong nearly died multiple times during failed attempts at getting to the moon. But he didn’t. Instead because he was moved by adventure and the desire to do something new, he was able to become the first person to walk on the moon. It would have been a lot easier to have given up and said, “this might not work out.”

But he didn’t. Although to keep going he had to take a risk.

I guess that’s what we all have to wrestle with. Sure we can play it safe and stay where we are. But how will you feel in 10 years? How about 20?

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