Does Labor Day Mark the Beginning or the End?

I don’t know if any other holiday fills me with more mixed emotion than Labor Day. It signals the end of footloose, fancy free summer days and nights and marks the beginning of homework, sports, and scheduling to the minute. Even before I had kids I kept that back to school mentality knowing that this was the time of year to tackle work and home projects I’d neglected during the summer. This week I realized that all of the above are true. In the blink of the eye the year will be ending. I counted the number of business and personal obligations that are already on my calendar (the most fun being my sister’s wedding) and even I was exhausted for what I believe the fastest four months of the year has in store for me. I will be moving for love that is for sure. Sometimes the busier I am the more it fuels my energy and passion for what I do. If you feel like you are just moving to be moving or worse yet are not moving at all then let’s talk. Maybe the next four months are the perfect time for you to get a fresh pad of paper and create a fresh new start and move for love.

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