Envy…Good or Bad?

I read an article this past weekend in the Wall Street Journal, “Put That Resentment To Good Use“.   It really got me thinking about ways to leverage envy personally, at work, and with my children to help motivate all of us.  The premise of the article is with social media posts it is easy to see what you don’t have and someone else does and rather than begrudge them for it how can you leverage “benign” envy to pursue for yourself what that person may have or what you want.  It really isn’t much different from taping a picture of the model/actor/actress you admire most on the refrigerator so you avoid the temptation of opening it in hopes of someday looking like them.

If you had to take twenty minutes and write down all of the people or experiences that caused you to feel envious what would they be?  Now if you had to circle the ones you’d really to do yourself not just the ones you wish that person wasn’t lucky enough to do, how many would you have left?  Can you use that list as a daily drive or motivator for you at work, home or play?  Isn’t how bucket lists are formed?  Wanting to do something you’ve dreamed about is one thing, knowing someone who has done it is another.  Don’t just be jealous of them for having checked off something that belonged to your bucket list, do something about it.   Harness that feeling and let it help drive you to doing it yourself.    Moving For Love exists because people wish they could live somewhere else but aren’t sure how to get there with the path of least resistance and most assistance.  Why not let us help so you can be the one people envy?


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