Fast Enough?

I think I now get the word “viral” watch this video and let me know if you aren’t tempted to forward it? OMG as my kids would say!

I loved the cycle of emotions, here comes a potential sale, this guy is a rookie driver, I think I’m going to die, I’m calling the cops and my favorite line, “let’s do it again”.

How many experiences have you had in your life when you start out with some hesistation, then quickly jump to another conclusion before settling down, looking back and then seeking to do it all over again? While we cannot live in a state of heightened adrenilin all of the time we certainly can isolate the activites and feelings certain experiences cause that make us want to bottle them. So while, none of us should try this at our neighborhood dealership I bet there is something out there that we can immediately imagine that gives us great pleasure and the little kid in us screams, “again, again”. If it is skiing, skydiving or maybe finding our zen place after a yoga class then so be it. It is our own feeling and I say go for it!

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