Flip Books

Recently, I found myself at Barnes and Noble searching for a non-fiction book for my 3rd grade son. I came across a history series of “flip” books. Their focus is to retell the same period from two different perspectives. My son likes studying the Revolutionary War so the book I bought had one cover with Americans and then when you flipped the book the other cover were the British. Two perspectives… same period of time.

How does this relate to Moving For Love?

Well, take a period of your life and picture one cover of your book being what really happened (certainly there is a photo you can imagine) then flip your book and imagine what could have been. Hindsight is 20/20 and sometimes the future is unclear but the present is here. I believe when it comes to big decisions or life changes we all have an inner voice helping us talk through them. If you stopped today and published your “flip” book what the covers reflect? What would the reader rate as the better story of the two? If you want to change your story going forward, let us help pave the way so what you want to read is not a dream but the factual retelling of your period in history.

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