Freaky Friday Fact

Incognito.pdf Okay….my morning started by quizzing my daughter on her vocabulary words.  When I asked her to use “incognito” in a sentence she responded “Angelina Jolie walked down    the streets of Australia incognito with four of her children”.  My response, “is that straight from People Magazine”?  As a media and music obsessed pre-teen she assured me that if her tests covered “important” facts such as her previous sentence, school would be so much easier.  Thankfully, she is a very good student and while the media has certainly heard her cry and covered celebrity gossip incessantly the school has not succumbed to such pressure.

Fast forward my morning to a quick peek at the Wall Street Journal when I was introduced to a new vocabulary word, while reading, “When Holidays Collide, You Get the ‘Menurkey’“.  In less than two hours I’ve gone from Bradjelina facts to learning that the last time the first day of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving shared the same date was 1888 and the next time will be in 70,000 years.  Wow! Now that’s a great trivia fact.   This fact has obviously gotten a lot of attention and a nine year old boy, Asher Weintraub raised money and demonstrated incredible creativity when merged the traditional Jewish menorah with the traditional Thanksgiving turkey.    I would like to say “what will they come up with next?” but I sure hope I don’t have to wait until the year 79043 to find out.

Enjoy the weekend and share the trivia.


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