From Fear To Fabulous!

Fear to Fabulous2Recently I had to give a companywide presentation and even though I knew the majority of those who attended, there was a mix of emotions.  Excitement about what I had to say, but there was still a knot in my stomach at the thought of standing up and speaking in front of a group of people.   I kept thinking there was so much that could go wrong.  What if there are technical issues, what if they don’t like the guest speaker I lined up, what if there isn’t enough food,  The “What If’s” were endless.  As much as I wanted to ignore the fact that I had to do this, it was time to face reality.  The time was here and I had a job to do.   As I walked up in front of the audience and started my presentation, I realized what was once extreme fear had turned into butterflies and those rapidly started to disappear.

The presentation ended and  that’s when I realized how well it went.  The compliments started coming and I began to understand that my confidence had come from being prepared.  I did my research, knew the material and enlisted the help of those who are “tops” in their field to give me a hand. With all this expertise, it allowed me to feel self-assured in the message I was delivering.

Making a move is very much the same. You are thrilled and excited about the change you are making, but at the same time afraid of what you are doing.  There is so much involved with making a long distance move, you start to wonder if it will be too much stress and too much work.  This is when you enlist those who are “tops” in their field to handle the details and that is when you call us. Moving For Love specializes in personal relocation and we are here to handle all the details.  We will do the research, get you prepared and moved with confidence.




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