Get On The Bus

So I’ve already shared that I’ve never really moved far in my life so sometimes the little changes are big moments in our household. Take today for example. I have two children who until this year both attended the same school. I would drop them off in the morning and head to the office and see them when I got home in the evening. I am very involved with the school and after eight years there I was pretty comfortable with the routine and knew most of the families. Sometimes we all need to be shaken from our comfort zone and I applaud our 6th grade daughter who made a compelling case as to why she should switch schools this year. Today marked the second “first day” of school in our house. I think I had as many butterflies in my stomach as I dropped her off as she did but neither of us would admit it. Racing home to see her (from a distance of course) get off the bus all smiles was the best feeling ever. We created Moving For Love with adults in mind and have been inspired by the feedback we have received since launching the service. Today, I am a proud mom who has been inspired by the courage of my eleven year old daughter to walk through school doors in search of a new beginning. Here’s to a successful year for her as well as any of you that are contemplating a change yourselves.

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