Gobble, Gobble

Do any of you watch The Middle?  If so, perhaps you caught the recent episode when Frankie states that Thanksgiving is just a pit-stop on the route to Christmas as she and Sue headed out to catch the Thanksgiving 2013sales.  I wish like many things on that show it wasn’t true, sadly it seems at least in the world of retail it is.  I titled this post Gobble, Gobble which even gives you the sense of “hurry up” before you read any further.  Many malls across America are opening their stores the evening of Thanksgiving.  I have been told by friends in retail that there are six less shopping days this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas than there were last year.  Does that justify taking a sacred, yet non-secular holiday away from Americans?

Thanksgiving should be a day spent with family and or friends to celebrate all that we have.  Sure, many people cannot handle it much longer than that but do we really need to cut it shorter by encouraging shopping?  In the age of everything at our fingertips if we felt so inclined, shopping is just one click away wherever we may be isn’t that good enough?

Now, I’ll get off my soapbox and circle back to what this website and blog are all about, people moving for love of a person, place or thing.  As you celebrate all that you are thankful for is there something missing?  Are you visiting family, friends or significant others with whom you live apart?  If Frankie is right and Thanksgiving is just a pit-stop on the route to Christmas, is Christmas just a stop away from New Year’s resolutions?  If this has you thinking about the end of one year and the potential or desire to begin somewhere else in the New Year we at Moving For Love can help make that possible.  Now that is something for which to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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