Going For The Gold


How many of you are following the Olympics?  Even though we know the results well before they air isn’t it fun to actually watch the event?  My fourth grade son’s school is keeping track of the countries and the medals they have earned.  I love the sense of national pride it evokes.  Watching your child root for his country and chant U-S-A renews my own sense of American pride.    The other great lesson comes from the personal stories of the athletes.  No two people got to the Olympics the same way.  Each one struggled, sacrificed and ultimately prevailed.  If that doesn’t inspire our kids to work hard for whatever “gold” medal they are after I don’t know what does.   Their stories also motivate each of us spectators to do a little self reflection and prioritizing of our goals and our level of commitment to achieve them.

So I ask you…. what are your goals or dreams?  Can our Personal Move Assistants help you achieve them?  Are you simply missing that little push to get your started on the path of pursuit?  If so, let us connect like the rings of the Olympics and make them happen.  Ultimately, if in your mind you are center podium with your flag flying behind you then you’ve earned the Gold!

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