Guide for Relocating to a Small Town

Even as the cities boom, some people still hear the call of nature. Whether it’s the idea of clean air, quiet nights with bright stars, the slower pace of life, or just a desire to get away from it all… There’s still a lot to be said for country living!

We’ve put together a guide with relocation assistance for people looking to move towards the country.  Here are a few tips to help your move to the country be as smooth and rewarding as you could hope!

Relocation Assistance For Moving To A Small Town

Leave Extra Time: When planning your move, the further you’re going to end up from an Interstate, the more extra time you should add to whatever your GPS says. Rural roads are far more subject to random occurrences, from floods to large cattle migrations. If a road is out, an alternate route will likely take you miles out of your way. So, make sure to leave plenty of breathing room on your planning.

Look for Growth: Across the Midwest, small towns are consolidating. What you generally tend to find are hub towns of a few thousand people, surrounded by smaller villages of 100-1000 people for miles around. These hub towns are usually the best for those looking to move into rural life – they’re far out in the country, but they’ll still have all the services you need and a small range of stores.


Join the Local Culture: Local events like parades and farm shows are a major part of rural life. Take part! It’s a great way to meet people and show that you’re looking to be a friendly face around town. These gatherings are also great for learning more about local history and what makes farms in the area unique.

Show Your DIY Side: Small town life can quickly break you of wasteful big city habits! Being far away from a lot of services means you’ll save a lot of money, fast, if you learn do to some of your own home and car maintenance. Brush up on basic plumbing and wiring, learn to change your oil and tires, and invest in a good set of tools before you leave.

Speaking of which… Here’s one important relocation assistance tip:

Get A Reliable Car: Public transportation is rare-to-nonexistent in small towns, and even the smallest townships are often many miles apart. A car you can trust is a requirement in rural America, far more than in the cities and suburbs. A roadside breakdown could leave you stranded for hours, even if you have a cellphone. (Which, remember, may not work in the countryside.) Get your car fixed up before you leave town.

If there’s any other way we can help make your move easier, just give us a shout! If you follow your heart, we’ll pave the way.

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