Has happiness ever been out of style?  I don’t think so but certainly it is  hot right now.  If you type the word “Happy” into Google you get over 704 MILLION results!  Naturally, the highest one is Pharrell’s contagious song, Happy.   In our plugged-in society with smart phones in hand, head down hoping that someone texts, tweets, or calls us with some update have we lost sight of what it means to pursue happiness?  Being the eternal optimist I would say that is not the case we just have more distractions and commitments than ever before that can sometimes cause us to veer off the course to being happy.  I feel fortunate that most of the people I encounter at work, home, school, or even in the grocery appear to be happy.  Everyone experiences bumps in the road and sometimes even road blocks but how we accept and deal with them is a function of how happy we are as individuals.  What has me thinking about happiness is not the song, (which for the record I was not a fan of when it first came out but I must say the tune is catchy and I changed my mind fairly quickly) but a recent challenge I’ve seen posted on social media, Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?

This got me scratching my head.  Since I blogged last about the rear view mirror I  tried to remember the past 100 days and whether I was happy each and every one of them.  I cannot say with 100% certainty that was the case.  I truly think happiness is contagious and I love the idea of now looking out the windshield and taking the challenge for the next 100 days.  Would anyone like to join me?

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