How Does a Brand Make You Feel?

I attended a real estate conference this week in Chicago and a co-worker and I did the four hour drive together. Having gotten many great ideas from peers around the country we spent most of our return trip discussing them. When we came to the topic of community involvement we discussed what a Sibcy Cline manager in a branch office did during a recent sales meeting. He asked everyone to come prepared to share local stores that always delivered a great experience. Some of the stories were about true mom and pop boutiques, restaurants, or stores and some were about big box stores located within the community. Needless to say, as we drove we asked each other about our personal experiences. There is no question that just stating a brand name, big or small gets an immediate reaction from people. I am a value buyer. If I value the experience, I’ll buy from you. If I value your knowledge, I’ll buy from you. If I value your honesty, I’ll buy from you. I had fun realizing how many local merchants, doctors and services I value. Their brands make me feel good so I buy, frequent or promote them. I recommend you stop and think about your community and how the local brands make you feel then urge you to support them. I hope that as you read our blog and visit our site that Moving For Love makes you feel good. We would love to help you or anyone you know in your community get a sense of the value we can deliver.

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