How far would you go to find a past love?

Ever watch the show, Finders of Lost Loves?

It was on during the 80’s and the storyline was built around people hiring an investigator to find a love from the past. Cute plot and seemed to end happily ever after the majority of the time. Today, you don’t need to hire anyone to find a lost love you can simply join Facebook and any and all past connections will immediately be suggested to you.

It seems we’ve all heard of someone who joined Facebook and reconnected with a past friend, crush or significant other that actually led to meaningful relationship. I certainly do. How fun is that? People who probably haven’t thought of each other in years being connected by their past and starting relationships anew?

Of course connecting with people from your past can raise some questions. How far are they willing to travel to see these people again? If a love connection or business partnership is made how willing would they be to move to be closer to one another?

These are all ideas that I’ve pondered and every time I came to the same the conclusion, people are willing to move to follow their dreams and their hearts…


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